Themes 02/2017

Notification on the release of engDAX 3.0

We are pleased to inform you today on the final completion of our transmission kernel in engDAX 3.0. With a total of six customers – many thanks to them at this point – we completed successfully the pilot period of our new software solution.

Automatic monitoring & notification in your DAXWARE solution

In EDI and CAD/CAM data interchange a permanent monitoring of the system becomes more and more important. Failures may be fatal for the construction or shipment process and / or entail penalty payments for you as a supplier.  

Customer survey concerning products, support & services by HÜNGSBERG AG

From 27th April to 12th May 2017 we carried out a customer survey in order to get a valuable and broad customer opinion. All our DAXWARE customers got an e-mail with a link to a questionnaire with various questions concerning our products and services. 

Retrospect on the ODETTE conference 2017…

… according to the motto: Transformation of the digital supply chain

The ODETTE conference 2017, where experts of the supply chain management in the Automotive Industry come together, took place in the German capital Berlin from 15th to 16th May 2017. 

OFTP2 as a long-term alternative to ISDN

Electronic data exchange is today standard in many industries. Communication connections in use are however very often still based on the obsolete ISDN infrastructure. The German Telekom has now officially announced to deactivateISDNcompletely by the end of 2018

Implement now EDI projects– with financial support by the Free State of Bavaria

To use growth potential and maintain competitiveness are a big challenge for small- and medium-sized enterprises. A lack of know-how, time and money prevent often from investing in or change to digital systems.


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