Topics in 04/2021

Christmas and our Service Staffing over the Holidays

Once again, we are giving our employees a week off for Christmas to spend it in a contemplative way.

We are therefore closing our company from Friday, 24th December 2021 up to and including Friday, 31st December 2021.

Of course, this does not apply to our service area*!

Secure your production planning by checking your call-off data for duplicates!

Are you also faced with the challenge of receiving duplicate call-off data from your EDI communication partner and is this making your entire production planning unstable?

Do you invest a lot of time in manually correcting the call-off data and checking and deleting duplicate EDI data records?

Then we have just the right thing for you to optimise your processes!

ediDAX and engDAX 3.3 - what else can the new version do?

In addition to the ediDAX.DuplicateCheck we have added some interesting and process optimising features to the new engDAX / ediDAX version 3.3 which should make using the system easier for you.

  • Quicker error handling with Multiselect
  • Automatic clean-up of the transaction overview (only in ediDAX)


Calculable costs with our DAXware update services

- you can sit back, and we will do the rest! -

You have already signed a maintenance contract with Hüngsberg, which entitles you to free updates of the software.

But now you also want to have a better grip and the ability to calculate the costs for the installation of the update?

You may also no longer want to have to worry about the planning and implementation of DAXware updates.


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