OFTP2 Interoperability Tests 2019 passed

We have once again passed all OFTP2 interoperability tests of the ODETTE organization. Our OFTP2 certification has thus been renewed and you can fully benefit from all the advantages of this secure transmission protocol.

Here you can download the supplement to our OFTP2 certification for comDAX from ODETTE for the passed OFTP2 Interoperability Tests Cases 2019.

Successful Certification of comDAX for OFTP2

comDAX is officially certified by ODETTE for the transmission standard OFTP2.

With comDAX Hüngsberg has created its own transmission platform, for the moment with OFTP2. It is, however, currently being extended by protocols like AS2. Customers, who are still using the old version (up to 2.4) now have the opportunity to switch to the new version 3.0x and to profit from the advantages involved.

For orders of OFTP2 certificates from ODETTE please contact the logistics department of Hüngsberg.

We live quality

Our enterprise is quality certified since 1995 according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Quality policy is determined at HÜNGSBERG by the requirements of our customers and of the market.   

To implement our quality policy we focus on the following criteria.

- Quality conscious behavior, lived by the management

- Communicate quality policy and agree on targets

- Involve co-entrepreneurs, customers and suppliers

- Quality policy made measurable

- Continuously encouraged quality awareness    

Our quality management is a continuous striving for improvement, pushed by the factors economic efficiency and customer satisfaction.