DAXWARE Newsletter I/2021

OFTP2 tests successfully completed / more security with proxy server - all features as of Version 3.2

We are very pleased to present you with the first spring awakening our new engDAX / ediDAX version 3.2 with many new security features.

What is new in version 3.2?

In June last year, we successfully completed the interoperability tests for the new OFTP2 features via the ODETTE Experts Group.

These include support for the prerequisites required by ODETTE (TLS from 1.2 and PFS) as well as increased security through increased certificate key length.

These are now freshly available in the new version 3.2, so that your OFTP2 communication is completely up to date!


In addition, two new module developments provide additional, optimalsafety:

  • The proxyDAX for secure data communication via a proxy server with external networks (Internet or ENX) with TLS security up to LAN as well as that covers everything up to LAN
  • the two-factor authentication, a reliable and efficient protection against unauthorized access to your data exchange system, by repeatedly verifying the authenticity of your employees when logging on to the DAXware system


We will be happy to answer your questions at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or you can send an e-mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

Hannover Messe 2021 – visit us virtually

It's Fair time again, but this time digital!

From April 12th to 16th, 2021, the Hannover Messe Digital Edition will once again be a hub for innovation and digitization with the central theme of "IndustrialTransformation".

It will address the impact of the megatrends individualization, climate protection and, above all, digitalization of theindustry.

We will be at the trade fair for you and present our latest solutions around the topic of "Highly secure EDI data exchange". 

Logistic processes are becoming more and more complex; the demands on your company are increasing. 

We at Hüngsberg have the right answers for this and have developed many new process-optimizing products and features in the EDI area.

These help you to comply with the required security aspects, to manage the complexity of the processes and to integrate both your customers and your suppliers comfortably into the EDI process.


Get into the "digital fast lane" with our intelligent DAXware EDI solutions!

If you would like to visit us, simply contact our marketing department at marketing(at)huengsberg.com with the subject "Hannover Messe 2021 Tickets". 

Please let us know the number of tickets you would like and we will send you e-ticket codes for registration to the trade fair.

Our EDI connection for Tesla is ready

Tesla, a new automobile manufacturer, is currently on our German doorstep. It has the US ANSI message standard in its package for connection via EDI.


We have already actively dealt with the ANSI formats which are not very common in Europe and can provide the appropriate solution for data exchange with Tesla, including mappings for connection to any ERP system.


The following US-ANSI message formats are used in the standard process for Tesla:

  • ANSI X12 830 - delivery schedule,
  • ANSI X12 862 - JIT/fine order,
  • ANSI X12 856 - delivery note/ASN and
  • ANSI X12 810 - invoice.


For existing customers, we can easily add a partner and ANSI mapping formats to the existing solution.


For new customers who may already have an EDI system, we provide effective cloud services for Tesla connectivity that can run in parallel.


Contact us if you have any questions about the Tesla connection! We will be happy to support you at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or you can simply send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

EOL of our DAXware solution version 3.0

What is EOL actually?

EOL stands for End-of-Life. EOL in software usage describes the point in time when the manufacturer no longer provides updates or support for certain versions.

Why an EOL for certain versions of our DAXware software?

We permanently provide support and updates for the software versions in use and, in order to ensure cutting edge and flawless support, we have to focus on the current versions of programs and their support.

In addition, software versions only have a certain life cycle, as they are constantly evolving and the innovations are only incorporated into the latest versions.


What is changing in the versions this year? What does this mean for you as a customer?

At the end of the year 2021 the update service and the extended support for our version 3.0 of the product categories engDAX and ediDAX in use since April 2017 will expire.

Our sales team will contact the respective customers with engDAX / ediDAX 3.0 in time this year for an update.

For customers who have booked the update service in their contract the installation installation service for the update is completely free of charge.


If you already have questions about the EOL of your software, please contact our sales team at sales(at)huengsberg.com.




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