DAXWARE Newsletter I/2022

„Rama-Dama“ for your on premise DAXware system

We clean up your system, free it from unnecessary ballast and increase your data quality!

IT systems grow, sometimes uncontrollably. Mostly because new requirements are not planned through rigorously due to time constraints. Instead they are simply implemented as fast as possible.

DAXware on-premise systems are not exempt from this, because new partners and configurations are constantly being added. However, duplicate entries or partners and configurations that are no longer needed are often overlooked.

This can lead to losing track of which partners are still active on your DAXware solution and which are not. Mistakes can happen because the wrong partner entry is changed during a necessary adjustment or maybe data is even sent to the wrong partner.

Therefore, we at HÜNGSBERG offer you the Bavarian "Rama-Dama", that translates as „We are cleaning (up)!“. Which is precisely what we want to do for your on premise DAXware solutions!


With “Rama-Dama”, we offer you the following advantages:

  • we clean up the unnecessary ballast in your DAXware master data and
  • remove unnecessary entries from your SQL database.

Because your data also needs to be properly maintained in order to meet the quality requirements from the supply chain and to save internal costs by minimizing errors and risks thanks to high data quality.

Think of the follow-up costs that yould arise due to penalties or a negative supplier rating and bring all your data, especially the DAXware data, up to scratch! Rama-Dama!

It is also much easier for administrators and users to work with a "cleaned up DAXware" solution!


Clean up now together with HÜNGSBERG


If you are interested, you can contact our service department directly at service(@)huengsberg.com with the subject "Rama-Dama DAXware". There you will receive a short explanatory technical talk about Rama-Dama DAXware at no additional cost!

And if you then want to go into clean-up mode, you can conveniently book this serviceas ascheduled ticket and carry out the clean-up service on your on premise DAXware solution with one of our service employees.

Our service team is looking forward to your contact and your questions at service(@)huengsberg.com - with the subject: Rama-Dama DAXware.


HÜNGSBERG at the Forum Automobile Logistics

Under the Motto:

Supporting the whole supply chain, down to the Smallest Participant 

In May 2022 the time has come again - the event "Forum Automobillogistik - FAL", which is renowned in the industry, will take place in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance from 18th – 19th of May 2022 under the direction of the BVL and the VDA. The motto of the event is "Cheerful to cloudy. Clouds & Co. for Transparency and Resilience". It offers a great platform for two days to inform oneself and exchange ideas about the future of digitalisation and networking in the automotive supply chain.

HÜNGSBERG will be  there again as well. We will present EDI solutions for all needs and every level of the supply chain - from our  own on premise EDI solution to the connection of micro suppliers via webEDI.

If you are interested in finding out more about the trends in the automotive industry and our HÜNGSBERG EDI solutions, you can register for this industry event directly via the BVL/VDA website:


► Register - Forum Automobillogistik (forum-automobillogistik.de)


We would be delighted to welcome you at this event and  present to you our solutions along the supply chain. We are looking forward to your visit! 

HÜNGSBERG-EDI-Services for On Premise Solutions

- when your personnel for EDI is missing -

You have an EDI On premise solution from HÜNGSBERG in use, but not enough or the right personnel to support of your EDI infrastructure?

Or maybe employees who were in charge of EDI are suddenly leaving your company?

Then we have exactly the right solution for you with our HÜNGSBERG EDI Services!

Through  these services you can easily access our service team via a previously concluded standard order and utilize the EDI services necessary for your company.


Be it the set-up of a new EDI partner, the exchange of your own OFTP2 certificate or that of a partner or the set-up of a new workflow to meet the requirements of your partner.

Possible service use cases are:

  • Set up a new EDI partner
  • Exchange of your own OFTP2 certificate or that of a partner
  • Set up a new workflow to meet your partner's requirements.

You can order all these services and many more by sending us an e-mail when you conclude a service package.

Are you interested in our HÜNGSBERG EDI services? Then get in touch with our sales team right away by phone or e-mail. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


► tel. +49 811 9592-430

► e-mail: sales(@)huengsberg.com

HÜNGSBERG at the ODETTE Conference with focus on Automotive Supply Chain Management

The ODETTE Conference in Prague on 23rd – 24th of May 2022 is the next eventwhere HÜNGSBERG, as an active member of the ODETTE Expertise Group, will be present to display the EDI solution portfolio for all supply chain requirements and to exchange ideas with global players in the automotive sector.

This event will focus on the volatility of the supply chain in the automotive environment and how to stabilise it.

Supply chain management in the automotive industry is increasingly integrating internal and external partners who recognise that collaboration across the industry is critical to success.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on the upcoming news from the ODETTE conference.

However, if you would like to inform yourself or be inspired, you can register directly for the ODETTE Conference via the following link:


► Conference | Odette


Our HÜNGSBERGT expo team is looking forward to welcoming you at our stand!