DAXware Newsletter III/2018

Our DAXware products have had an addition: AS2

Today we would like to introduce our youngest member of the DAXware family to you --> our transmission protocol AS2

AS2 is a transmission standard which is used in many lines of business, especially in the distributive trades, which provides safe data transmission by using a digital signature and encryption. 

The AS2 protocol is available in our product variants engDAX and ediDAX as of January 2019 in the latest product version 3.0.3. Our SaaS solutions are catching up a bit later and AS2 will also be available in clearDAX or teamDAX from April 2019.

With AS2, we have integrated another protocol in our data exchange platform, that is used by the trading business and enables the replacement of old and expensive transmission standards such as X.400.

If you have customers in the trading business, use the opportunity to connect to them via DAXware version 3.0.3 with the new AS2 module.

If you are interested, please contact our sales team on:
Tel. +49 (0) 811 9592-430
Email: sales(@)huengsberg.com 

VW: New global delivery standard as of Jan 1st, 2019

Are you ready for the new global messages from VW? At VW, the new delivery standards for global messages are mandatory, starting January 2019.

If you continue to use the old VDA messages 4905, 4906, 4908 and 4913, contact us. We have put together interesting "EDI entry and upgrade packages" to meet the requirements of the VW Group for VDA 4984, VDA 4987 and VDA 4938. No matter which message formats your ERP can handle, we can convert them into the new global messages.

If you yourself do not have a converter or want to outsource EDI, you can also connect via our clearing service. Especially for the conversion from VDA 4913 to VDA 4987 we have prepared the right mapping for your ERP system, which only has to be adapted to your requirements.

You need advice on "new global messages at VW", then call us on +49 (0) 811 9592-430 or
write an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com! Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

Important information from VW: The EDI standardization team is on holiday from Dec 20th, 2018 to Jan 7th, 2019. During this time, no support for migration to VDA4987 can be provided. Inquiries until Dec 17th will be processed in a timely manner.

All suppliers who have chosen a migration date during this period, please do this independently on the scheduled date. Old messages are no longer processed from this point in time!

New webEDI solution: communication via cloud

With webDAX, Hüngsberg has developed a new WebEDI solution that enables a cloud-based connection of and for small providers.
webDAX is suitable for companies of all industries, but was originally developed for the trading business and supports its usual standards.

Thanks to the universal structure and the use of the universally applicable format EDIFACT for orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices, and through the use of the protocols AS2, X.400 and / or OFTP2 in the area of data transmission webDAX meets the requirements of various industries.

Possible application scenarios:
webDAX can be used by suppliers to connect to their customers´ systems using only a web browser. However, it can also be used by customers themselves to allow small suppliers without their own EDI solution to connect to the system.

For more Information please contact: sales(@)huengsberg.com or contact us by phone: +49 (0) 811 9592-430

EOL engDAX and ediDAX: Renewal of service conditions, support just until 2020

For years, we have been providing our loyal customers with support for several product variants, some of which are obsolete and no longer comply with current standards and technologies.

Therefore, mainstream support for customers without service agreement was discontinued for the following engDAX versions in late 2015 or 2017:
engDAX 1.0 - year of release 2007 - EOL: End of 2015
engDAX 1.1 - year of release 2008 - EOL: End of 2015
engDAX 1.2 - year of release 2008 - EOL: End of 2015
engDAX 2.0 - year of release 2009 - EOL: End of 2017
engDAX 2.1 - year of release 2010 - EOL: End of 2017
engDAX 2.2 - year of release 2011 - EOL: End of 2017

In order to give you, as a customer, the option of switching to our latest product versions, we have extended the mainstream support until the end of 2018 at double the service rate.
If you still continue to use one of the product versions without maintenance contract listed above, you risk losing our support at the end of the year.

We also would like to draw your attention to the ending of the support for the following versions of engDAX and ediDAX:
engDAX 2.3 - year of release 2013 - EOL: End of 2019
engDAX/ediDAX 2.4 - year of release 2014 - EOL: End of 2019

We are happy to inform you about our future products. You can choose between a corresponding update/upgrade or a web service (SaaS), depending on your requirements and your data volume. We will gladly assist you in finding the right solution for your Company.

On our homepage you will also find an overview of our
EOL product cycles.
In any case, all your existing communication requirements and connections can be met in the future! Under the direct dialing 0811/95 92 430 or by e-mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com our sales team is at your disposal.

Reminder AP-contracts

Please send us your signed assignment processing contract immediately if you have not already done so.

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any company that processes personal data on behalf of a service provider must sign an assignment processing contract (AP contract). The AP -contract regulates the rights and obligations of clients and contractors as well as those of any subcontractors. This ensures that the contractor processes the data entrusted to him only for the purposes for which the client provided them. Above all, the service provider is obliged to protect the data to the appropriate extent. In order to actually ensure this, the contracting authority is granted extensive control rights by the contract. Use your rights and help us with data protection!

Renewed MS Silver Partner Membership

As an independant software vendor (ISV), we renewed our Silver Partner Membership status once again this year, by fulfilling all of its requirements. Thus, our software solutions are compliant with Microsoft´s interoperability standard which ensures that our software runs smoothly on Windows platforms.