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Special offer: GOLD service

Valid for this offer is ServiceContract_V8_2019.

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This promotion is cannot be combined with other discount promotions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales Team at +49 (0)811 9592-430
or by email at sales(@)huengsberg.com

Ensure fast and direct support for your EDI solution with our "GOLD service"

The processes for supplying car manufacturers are becoming increasingly complex and fast moving, and if something goes wrong, the supplier may be fined.

We support you with our GOLD service support for your inquiries and fast response times by telephone!
You already use the services of our maintenance contract for your EDI solution. This guarantees you a reaction time of 8 hours after receipt of your call. But what happens if the EDI data has to be sent out or the truck is already in the yard and you have to act quickly in order to meet the required delivery times at the communication partner?
The consequences of wrong or untimely delivery via EDI are high manual efforts or even penalties for wrong deliveries or delivery notes and ultimately a poor supplier evaluation.

Prevent all these time- and cost-intensive risks!

We have adjusted our service offers to your special needs and have created a GOLD service for your support requests**!

With our GOLD service, you receive a direct extension to our customer service with an immediate call recording and a prioritised and secured reaction time* of a maximum of two hours! So that we can solve your EDI problem before it can lead to delays or fines!
Why wait? Call us immediately at 0811/9592-430 or send us an email with subject "Goldservice" to sales(@)huengsberg.com with your questions.
We are happy to help you with our additional services!

Yours sincerely


* Response time means the acceptance of the call for checking and, if necessary, requesting necessary information from the customer. This does not mean the immediate solution of the problem. The response time of 2 hours can only be guaranteed if the request is received by 3 pm.

** The GOLD service can be booked system-related.