DAXware Newsletter I/2018

HÜNGSBERG is present for you at CeBIT 2018

We are again at CeBIT this year to be at your disposal as customers and interested parties, with new product information and features, as well as for your questions.

CeBIT will take place from the 11th to the 15th of June 2018 at the exhibition center in Hanover. You will find us at the ITA joint booth in Hall 17, Stand B64.

A separate invitation will be available shortly. Nevertheless, you can already make a note of the appointment and schedule a visit to our booth. We are looking forward to interesting conversations.

We extend our DAXware transmission standards by VAN connectivity and AS2

In order to offer our customers even more investment security for their DAXware solution, we are going to extend our transmission standards as follows:

Connection to a VAN (Value Added Network)

From now on, we have realized a connection to a VAN. Especially for communication to the USA or Mexico, some automotive OEM's insist on a communication link via a VAN. In your DAXware solution you only need a standardized transmission protocol such as OFTP2 and we connect you to the VAN.

AS2 connection for trade and more

From summer 2018 the transmission standard AS2 will be available in our DAXware solutions. Predominantly, the protocol is used in the trading sector and will gradually replace the cost-intensive X.400 BusinessMail. AS2 offers many benefits, including better verification and security - these are achieved through acknowledgments and digital signatures.

If we sparked your interest and you would like to get more information about our latest connection options, please contact our sales team by e-mail at sales(@)huengsberg.com or by phone at +49 (0) 811 / 9592-430.

EDI partnership with ASC Plinzler GmbH

We are pleased to announce our newly formed partnership with ASC Plinzler GmbH.

ASC Plinzler GmbH was founded in 2007 by Peter Plinzler, who has been active in the EDI environment of the automotive industry since 1990. ASC Plinzler is a professional, alternative solution provider for all EDI topics, the Infor ERP systems: XPPS / XPERT and Infor COM and offers consulting, support and programming as well as excellent services from a single source.

Ms. Tania Hüngsberg-Cengil, CEO of Hüngsberg AG about the partnership: "With ASC Plinzler we have gained a real EDI guru as a partner. With the cross-sector EDI know-how of Plinzler and our EDI products, we complement each other wonderfully to face the market together.  We're looking forward to the future cooperation and many interesting partner projects!"

The first customer projects with ASC Plinzler have already been launched and are going to fill the partnership with life and new, forward-looking ideas, which in return will benefit our customers.

Make your engDAX system ready for EDI

Many of our customers use our engDAX solution (engineering DAta eXchange) for CAD and EDI data exchange, which is however not designed to meet the complexity and the requirements of the logistic data exchange of e.g. delivery call-offs, delivery notes and invoices.

Due to the increasing demands of OEMs concerning the quality of EDI data and the increasing complexity of EDI processes, we developed tools that are especially useful for sending and receiving EDI data

Our EDI tools offer the following advantages:

  • Transaction overview – Display of all incoming and outgoing messages

  • Display of all processing steps of a transaction

  • Display of files from the individual processing steps on the user interface

  • Download of files from the individual processing steps from the user interface

  • Repeating individual transactions on the interface

  • EDI directory scan for sending of files from any folders

  • Reading out values from EDI files, e.g. customer number, delivery note number, invoice number, and reuse them in file names or for further processing to special directories or for sending from directories.

  • Process approval for time-controlled sending of files from any directories

  • Splitting a file into several files based on specific criteria

The good thing is that the EDI Tools can be added to the DAXware solution as a module. You do not necessarily need to invest in a completely new EDI solution, but you can simply extend your existing engDAX system with the EDI tools.

Make your engDAX system ready for EDI and meet the ever-increasing demands of OEMs for logistic data exchange! Our sales team would be happy to advise you.

REMINDER: ISDN will be switched off at the end of 2018 - change to OFTP2 over the Internet

Electronic data exchange is standard in many industries today. However, communication links used are still common on the out-of-date ISDN infrastructure.

Deutsche Telekom has now officially announced to shut down ISDN completely by the end of 2018. For companies that still rely on ISDN, there is a need to retool their communication protocols in good time.

The implementation of a new communication channel must be well planned, economically designed and technically secure. Our OFTP2-Ready service offers you the ideal conditions for a smooth changeover from ISDN to OFTP2 communication. Benefit from the reasonable and useful features of OFTP2.

  • Worldwide availability: You can exchange data via OFTP2 from anywhere in the world

  • Speed: The data transmission over a 10 Mbit Internet line is up to 150 times faster than over ISDN

  • Large data sets: With OFTP2 you can transfer data in the petabyte range

  • Savings potential: As an existing Internet connection can be used, you save on transmission costs

  • High security: OFTP2 offers for your data high security through file- and line encryption as well as through the exchange of certificates.

Many reasons to change to the new OFTP2 data exchange protocol and to take advantage of it even before the end of ISDN

If your communication partner does not support OFTP2, HÜNGSBERG offers many other transmission standards as an alternative for your data exchange.

Of course we are happy to advise and assist you, just contact our sales team by e-mail at sales(@)huengsberg.com or by phone at +49 (0) 811 / 9592-430.

Updated order forms on our homepage

We have adapted our order forms for smaller, recurring services on our homepage. These can be found at: https://www.huengsberg.com/de/services/bestellformulare.html

Some of the forms are no longer applicable and have been removed. If you no longer find an order form for a specific service, please contact our sales department by email at sales(@)huengsberg.com or by phone+49 (0) 811 / 9592-430. We will gladly send you an appropriate offer.

Please note that only the order forms provided on our homepage are valid. Unfortunately, we can not longer accept older forms that you may have stored locally.

Thank you very much for your help!