DAXware Newsletter I/2019

ISDN soon completely switched off - - switch to OFTP2 via Internet

Electronic data exchange is standard in many industries today. However, some communication connections still run on the outdated ISDN infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom is still busy shutting down ISDN completely.
For companies still running on ISDN, there is an urgent need to upgrade their communication protocols.
The introduction of a new communication path must be well planned, economically designed and technically secure. Our OFTP2-Ready-Service offers you the optimal conditions for a smooth change from ISDN to OFTP2 communication.
Benefit from the useful features of OFTP2:
Available worldwide: You can exchange data via OFTP2 from anywhere in the world.
Speed: Data transmission via a 10 Mbit Internet line is up to 150 times faster than via ISDN.
Large amounts of data: With OFTP2 you can transfer data in the peta-byte range.
Savings potential: Since an existing Internet connection can be used, you save on transmission costs.
High security: OFTP2 offers your data high security through file and line encryption, as well as certificate exchange.
Many reasons to switch to the new OFTP2 data exchange protocol.
And if your communication partner does not support OFTP2, HÜNGSBERG offers many other transmission standards as an alternative for your data exchange.
Of course, we will be happy to advise & support you. Simply contact our sales team by e-mail at sales(@)huengsberg.com or by telephone at +49 (0)811/9592-430.

Our DAXware products have had an addition: AS2

Today we would like to introduce our youngest member of the DAXware family to you --> our transmission protocol AS2

AS2 is a transmission standard which is used in many lines of business, especially in the distributive trades, which provides safe data transmission by using a digital signature and encryption. 

The AS2 protocol is available in our product variants engDAX and ediDAX as of January 2019 in the latest product version 3.0.3. Our SaaS solutions are catching up a bit later and AS2 will also be available in clearDAX or teamDAX from April 2019.

With AS2, we have integrated another protocol in our data exchange platform, that is used by the trading business and enables the replacement of old and expensive transmission standards such as X.400.

If you have customers in the trading business, use the opportunity to connect to them via DAXware version 3.0.3 with the new AS2 module.

If you are interested, please contact our sales team on:
Tel. +49 (0) 811 9592-430
Email: sales(@)huengsberg.com

Reminder AP-contracts

Please send us your signed assignment processing contract immediately if you have not already done so.

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any company that processes personal data on behalf of a service provider must sign an assignment processing contract (AP contract). The AP -contract regulates the rights and obligations of clients and contractors as well as those of any subcontractors. This ensures that the contractor processes the data entrusted to him only for the purposes for which the client provided them. Above all, the service provider is obliged to protect the data to the appropriate extent. In order to actually ensure this, the contracting authority is granted extensive control rights by the contract. Use your rights and help us with data protection!

If you no longer have an AV contract, please contact us:

We are distribution partner for ENX

ENX is the joint solution of the European automotive industry for the secure exchange of critical development, purchasing and production control data. The cross-company ENX Managed Security Services and the service levels of the underlying network offer the highest quality and security features. At the same time, the network is as open and flexible for registered and connected users as the public Internet.

As a sales partner of the ENX provider T-Systems International GmbH, we offer you consulting and onboarding into the ENX network. In addition to using our DAXware OFTP communication solutions, ENX gives you access to applications from European car manufacturers such as VW KVS or AUDI QTS.

Further information on ENX can be found here.
If you are interested, please contact our sales team:
Phone: +49 (0)811 9592-430
Email: sales(@)huengsberg.com