DAXWARE Newsletter IV/2019

Merry Christmas

Dear customers and sales partners,

"Few or many are changeable terms. They are just as changeable as gifts, depending on how the giver or the receiver looks at them." Taoist philosopher

The gift you gift us every year with your loyalty has the highest priority for us. Even if you have joined us this year as a new customer, you have made us a very great gift.

The almost exclusively positive feedback we receive in our customer satisfaction surveys suggests that we have also been able to make your daily work easier with our solutions, our service and our constant quality controls.

We also want to give a gift back to our beautiful nature: That's why we decided this year again to refrain from sending Christmas cards and instead donate the money to the organization "Rettet den Regenwald" (Save the Rainforest).

Probably we feel the same as you do: a hectic but productive year is coming to an end. The stress is slowly diminishing and we are happy to be able to thank even the biggest gifts in our private lives, our companions, our families - without whom we probably would not be as efficient and happy.

In this sense we wish you and your family a contemplative and relaxing time in which you can devote yourself to the gifts of life that you personally consider most important.

Kind regards
Tania Hüngsberg-Cengil with team


Please note our availability over Christmas: We are on holiday from (incl.) December 23rd, 2019 up to (incl.) January 6th, 2020.
During this time, however, our service is still be available for you as usual.


OFTP2 interoperability tests by ODETTE to ensure security in data transmission

The ODETTE organization is currently conducting OFTP2 interoperability tests again.
The list of tests is regularly updated to reflect changed security requirements and findings from previous interoperability tests.

The 2019 interoperability tests will require each certified system to perform a total of 8 new tests against a randomly selected different certified system in order to continue to receive certification. This includes testing for the following criteria:

  • OFTP2 certificate exchange test after test case modification
    This tests whether all systems support the exchange of X.509- certificates via OFTP2, both the overlapping exchange, e.g. if a certificate expires, and in the meantime the old and the new certificate are valid, and the replacing exchange, e.g. if a certificate is withdrawn, and only the new certificate is valid.
  • Session authentication test
    This ensures that an OFTP2 connection is only established if both sides use the same security settings, and the security cannot be overridden by one side attempting to downgrade the connection from OFTP2 to OFTP1.
  • Use of TLS 1.2
    All systems must be able to and prefer TLS 1.2 as well as TLS 1.0.
  • Using PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) cipher suites
    PFS cipher suites are a combination of algorithms used in TLS connections that make it impossible to subsequently decrypt a connection, even if the private key of the server certificate being used is obtained. All systems should prefer or exclusively use PFS cipher suites.
  • Correct use of TLS client certificates
    When establishing a TLS connection, both sides can authenticate themselves using certificates, i.e. not just the system that acts as the server, as is common with HTTPS. The tests ensure that connections can only be established if the certificates also have the necessary properties (Extended Key Usage, such as Server Authentication and Client Authentication) and are actually valid and have not expired.

Benefit from the advantages of data transmission with OFTP2 and contact our sales team today:

By telephone at +49 (0)811 9592-430,
or by e-mail at sales@huengsberg.com.

New EDI Tools for ediDAX 3.1

Avoid fines - with our new EDI tools!
We have developed new tools for the EDI area, that can keep you informed about all problems during the EDI process quickly and clearly by e-mail.
Interruptions in customer or supplier communication can be detected and corrected immediately. Thanks to our EDI tools, even time-critical processes run smoothly, since any potential time delay is reported immediately and can therefore be nipped in the bud.

Our tools provide an absolute overview of errors in the file transfer, mapping process and transmission. A brief overview of our new tools:

  • Module EDIReporting:
    With EDIReporting you receive notifications for all faulty or incomplete EDI processes of ediDAX. The following are some application scenarios:
    Receive email notifications in case of:
    - successful or unsuccessful sending/receiving of files
    - Errors in the conversion process
    - Correlation and transmission problems due to missing information
    - Delays in file processing
    - Timeout in transfers (outgoing and incoming)
  • Transaction Overview:
    The new transactions overview enables a search and filter function for all positions of the communication control or for any file content, e.g. delivery note number, and can be arranged individually according to your wishes. Thus, for example, you can search for a specific delivery note or supplier via the interface.
  • EDI management interface:
    With the new EDI management interface, we have packed all EDI settings for each partner, such as mapping management, automatic transmission directories (DirectoryScans), etc. into one interface. Instead of clicking your way through the module management, you can now see at a glance what has been set up for a specific partner.

The EDI tools will be available from Q4/2019.

For further information please contact our sales team
under +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

End-of-life of our DAXWARE products, no more support for older Windows versions

We continue to recommend investing in new versions and therefore in growth and productivity rather than the constant security updates necessary to keep outdated systems running.

Our mainstream support for our customers without maintenance contract for engDAX versions 1.0 to 2.2 was discontinued at the end of 2015 or 2017 respectively.

Mainstream support for the following versions will be discontinued:

engDAX 2.3 - release year 2013 - EOL: December 31st, 2019

engDAX/ediDAX 2.4 - release year 2014 - EOL: December 31st, 2019

!In addition, extended support for all DAXWARE versions 2.4 and older will be completely discontinued at the end of 2020.

An overview of the end-of-life of all our DAXWARE solutions can be found here

Please also note the EOL of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 in January 2020.

We facilitate the switch for you!

You can choose between a corresponding update/upgrade or a web service (SaaS), depending on your requirements and your data volume. Together with you we will find the right solution for your company! 

Our sales team will be happy to assist you
on extension +49 (0)811 9592-430 or by e-mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

Visit us at the LogiMAT 2020!

Dear customers,
look forward with us to a trade fair which is known as a magnet for visitors of its industry:

  • the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management
    Automate your order, delivery and invoicing processes with our EDI solutions!
  • top-class experts from practical and scientific experience who inform you about current trends and innovations in intralogistics
    We present our new cloud solution, with which even small suppliers can connect to your ERP system
  • Trend topic: digital transformation in intralogistics and trade - digital process and data management
    We digitize ordering, delivery and invoicing processes in the trade and logistics sector! 
  • Wide range of exhibits
    View our EDI products as on premise, SaaS and cloud solution
  • Tradeworld: important impulses and solutions in the areas of e-commerce, AI and robotics as well as strategies for digitalizing the supply chain
  • Let us advise you personally on our EDI solutions!


Come and visit us:

at the 18th LogiMat - trade fair for intralogistics and process management
from 10 to 12 March 2020 at the new exhibition centre
at Stuttgart Airport
at the joint booth of the Logistics Cluster Schwaben hall 9 / booth C32


Our services for you:

  • catering
  • bar area
  • free guest tickets
  • time for individual consulting on the right EDI solution for your company
  • 20 % discount on our products when ordering on site

Reserve your free guest ticket now:

Ticket Order Form

If the form is not editable in your browser please download it to fill it in.

Hüngsberg at the Logistics Cluster Forum 2019 of the Logistic Cluster Swabia

On November 6th, we exhibited at the Logistics Cluster Forum "Logistics and Politics in Dialogue" at the MAN Museum in Augsburg.

The State Minister for Construction and Transport Dr. Hans Reichert and other well-known speakers entered into dialogue with municipalities, companies and employees in the logistics sector, demonstrating how they can benefit at the same time when logistics companies claim areas for their business in the region. These settlements may seem unattractive to local authorities at first glance, but in a region like Swabia they provide economic strength and jobs.

Once the logisticians have settled, it is of course important in the second step that they can work together with their business partners in an optimal and resource-saving way - and this is where we come in. During our exhibitor pitch, we presented how logistics companies can use our EDI software to exchange paperless, digitalised and process-optimised data on all aspects of the freight forwarding process with their stakeholders - regionally and internationally - so that the goods and merchandise always arrive at the right place at the right time.

At this point we would like to thank you for the valuable feedback and are looking forward to participating at the next cluster forum.

In a pleasant atmosphere and with good hospitality, information about the logistics industry, solutions from exhibitors and compatibility with the Schwaben region flowed through.

The successful day was rounded off with a company tour through the heavy lift logistics of MAN Energy Solutions SE, Augsburg.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com.