DAXware Newsletter II/2018

Successful Certification of comDAX for OFTP2

We proudly announce that comDAX is now officially certified by ODETTE for the transmission standard OFTP2.

With comDAX Hüngsberg has created its own transmission platform, for the moment with OFTP2. It is, however, currently being extended by protocols like AS2. Customers, who are still using the old version (up to 2.4) now have the opportunity to switch to the new version 3.0x and to profit from the advantages involved.

For orders of OFTP2 certificates from ODETTE please contact the logistics department of Hüngsberg as usual.

ediDAX 3.x is now certified for Windows Server 2016

Recently we have had our ediDAX certified for Windows Server 2016.

The certification gives proof that ediDAX meets all the requirements and recommendations for installation and stability on Windows Server 2016.

ediDAX also runs reliably on other Windows operating systems starting from Windows7 / Windows Server 2008 R2.

REMINDER: ISDN will be switched off at the end of 2018 - change to OFTP2 via Internet

Electronic data exchange is standard in many industries today. However, communication links used are still common on the out-of-date ISDN infrastructure.

Deutsche Telekom has now officially announced to shut down ISDN completely by the end of 2018. For companies that still rely on ISDN, there is a need to retool their communication protocols in good time.

The implementation of a new communication channel must be well planned, economically designed and technically secure. Our OFTP2-Ready service offers you the ideal conditions for a smooth changeover from ISDN to OFTP2 communication. Benefit from the reasonable and useful features of OFTP2.

  • Worldwide availability: You can exchange data via OFTP2 from anywhere in the world 
  • Speed: The data transmission over a 10 Mbit Internet line is up to 150 times faster than over ISDN 
  • Large data sets: With OFTP2 you can transfer data in the petabyte range 
  • Savings potential: As an existing Internet connection can be used, you save on transmission costs 
  • High security: OFTP2 offers for your data high security through file- and line encryption as well as through the exchange of certificates.

There are many reasons to change to the new OFTP2 data exchange protocol and to take advantage of it even before the end of ISDN.

If your communication partner does not support OFTP2, HÜNGSBERG offers many other transmission standards as an alternative for your data Exchange.

Of course we are happy to advise and assist you. Just send an email to sales@huengsberg.com or call us on +49 (0) 811 / 9592-430.

VW: New global delivery standard from January 1, 2019

At VW the new delivery standards for global messages will be mandatory starting from January 2019. The start of the first test run is scheduled proceeding August this year.

Should you still be using the old VDA messages 4905, 4913 and 4906, please contact us. We have developed interesting packages for you in order to meet the requirements of the company VW for VDA 4984, VDA 4913 and VDA 4938.

You need advice on the issue „new global messages at VW“? Please, call us on +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com ! Our sales team would be happy to advise you and to answer your questions.

Hüngsberg presents new DAXware solution „webEDI“ on CEBIT 2018

From June 11 until June 15, 2018 the international trade fair CEBIT took place in Hannover. We presented our latest solutions with our distribution partner LABAL GmbH.
Our exhibition space on the joint stand of the ITA provided us with a good position for networking and customer consulting.

Here we were able to present our new DAXware solution called „webEDI“ to all customers and interested parties. The DAXware webEDI solution is aimed at all industries, however, places focus on the field of trade.

It supports all the standards typical for the trade sector. Due to the application of the commonly valid format EDIFACT for orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and receipts and due to the protocols AS2, X.400 and/or OFTP2 in the field of data transmission, the adoption of the solution in other sectors is also possible.

DAXware webEDI can be used by distributors in order to connect themselves to the system of their clients simply by using a webbrowser. Above this, it can also be used by the clients themselves in order to allow smaller distributors, who do not have their own EDI solution, to connect themselves to the system.

For more information on the topic of „CEBIT 2018“ and DAXware webEDI please contact: sales(@)huengsberg.com or call us on: +49 (0)811 9592-430.