DAXWARE Newsletter II/2021

40 years of HÜNGSBERG - a reason to cheer and celebrate!


Dear customers and business partners,

I would like to thank you very much for 40 years of HÜNGSBERG! Without you, our successful company history would not have been possible!

For those of you who do not know me, I am happy to introduce myself within the framework of our 40th anniversary and provide a few insights into HÜNGSBERG's past and future projects:

My name is Tania Hüngsberg-Cengil. I joined the company 29 years ago and I am looking forward to celebrating my 30th anniversary at HÜNGSBERG next year.  Since 2010, it has been with pride and pleasure that I act as managing director of HÜNGSBERG GmbH. After an initial apprenticeship as a data processing clerk, I went through all the divisions of HÜNGSBERG and subsequently took over the leading positions of these respective departments.

However, there is one small exception: I often and gladly give ideas and impulses for new developments that help our customers to master the daily challenges of the increasingly complex data exchange safely and quickly.  But I have never developed software solutions. That's a different world - and in better hands with our experts!

We are real EDI pioneers: For 40 years now, we have been developing and delivering reliable and technologically advanced solutions for data exchange for EDI or CAD - Made in Germany! Whether via former transmission media such as telephone, DATEX-L, DATEX-P, ISDN with OFTP1 or today's "state of the art" transmission via OFTP2 or AS2 over the Internet. No matter what transmission speeds from 4.8 kbit/sec - that was the maximum transmission speed at that time - we mastered them all, even the sometimes very high requirements of constantly changing data exchange. Of course, also the increased requirements for EDI and the quality of the data!

In the past, it did not matter if a delivery note was not 100 % correct or arrived a little too late. Today, suppliers receive a bad rating or face penalties for every incorrect or delayed EDI record. Service and expertise must be more widely available and delivered at a faster pace.

Throughout the past four decades, we have accumulated an enormous amount of expertise and competence within the company, which is always incorporated into our EDI and CAD solutions and services, whilst adapting to the latest technologies and developments. That is the "secret" to our success!

My credo in all the changing business processes is to create a "win-win situation" with our customers and business partners! I look at each customer and his individual requirements, because in today's ever tightening supply chain processes, the requirements are constantly increasing.

We at HÜNGSBERG will continue to gain more and more knowledge about the challenges facing our customers, while at the same time increase our awareness of the requirements of their communication partners in the EDI area as well as in CAD data exchange in order to continue to offer them leading EDI system solutions and services.

We are pleased to say that we are currently developing particularly promising new approaches to our solutions with the support of our customers: The supply chain trend is that OEMs want the direct supplier to extend the digital supply chain "downstream". This means that the digital supply chain - starting with digital purchase orders, later delivery notes and invoices, must now also be implemented by the supplier's subcontractors. Even smaller suppliers will face the challenge of having to receive and send EDI data.

For this scenario, we will also soon be offering a solution that is as intelligent as it is secure and convenient in the form of a web portal, the "webDAX Automotive".

With our automotive hosting stand-alone solution logDAX, we already have a smart system in our portfolio that caters exactly to the above-mentioned requirements - read on to find out more! Have fun reading!

Sincerely Yours

Tania Hüngsberg-Cengil

Automotive EDI compliance from A to Z, even without an ERP system - for all major OEMs with one solution

Our entry solution logDAX for EDI is suitable for all companies that do not have an ERP system or have an ERP system but cannot use it to meet the requirements for the automotive EDI process.

It is also suitable for companies that already have an EDI solution but would like to roll out their classic EDI process to include their supplier level. Often, they are faced with the challenge that the supplier either does not have an ERP system or has an inadequate one that fails to comply with classic EDI.

With logDAX, the entire EDI ordering and delivery process including labels and delivery documents all the way up to the invoice can be covered in one go. A particular advantage is that logDAX allows you to view various views such as previews, immediate requirements or other statuses in order to fulfill the automotive process quickly, reliably and conveniently.

You can create and maintain the packaging constructs of your communication partners independently, just like all other master data.

In the following business case, we show how one of our customers benefits from logDAX and can fulfill and further expand its EDI requirements:



Business Case logDAX



The main features of logDAX:

  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Mapping of the entire automotive ordering and delivery process via EDI
  • Simple, semi-automatic packaging management
  • Fast start-up
  • Usable for almost all OEMs without major adaptations
  • Use of messages for delivery schedules, JIT delivery schedules, delivery bills, invoices, credit bills possible
  • Transmission with the most common transmission protocols
  • EDI with master data module
  • Warning and error messages for delivery schedule data
  • Easy operation and simple, automated EDI process
  • Calculable costs on project basis


Create shipping documents from logDAX

Click on the examples to open them in the browser.

You would like to learn more about the fields of application of logDAX? Please contact our Consulting & Sales Team at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or simply send us an E-Mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

Safe is safe: EDI Digital Twin proofDAX for test purposes

The EDI test system proofDAX, which has already proven itself very successful in practice, opens up new potential for error-free and smooth communication between the automotive industry, suppliers and OEMs. For instance, it is especially useful if you introduce new messages or adapt existing messages and now want to test them. It is now possible to do this in a secure environment without affecting your live system. It therefore makes sense to have an ERP test system in order to complete the test process.

Do you want to separate your live EDI system into a live and a test system? Your EDI requirements have increased and clean testing of new or adapted mappings has become difficult?

Other test scenarios could include new developments or adaptations to the ERP system or its replacement and the consequences for the compatibility to the mapping and EDI system. Alternatively one can test scenarios with new partners that are being connected via EDI. This way you can ensure secure and smooth processes in the future without having to intervene in the productive system.

No matter what is to be done on the live system - the tests on the duplicated EDI system ensure undisturbed and secure production processes!


Secure processes in JIT scenarios

With the digital twin proofDAX costs can be minimized, because good and largely trouble-free communication also automatically reduces expenses. Especially when it comes to the smooth exchange of order data, for example in JIT scenarios, even minor disruptions in the processes can have noticeable consequences.  With the HÜNGSBERG proofDAX test system, time-consuming test reports and possible entries in the supplier file can be significantly reduced in advance. Suppliers benefit in the form of positive evaluations by OEMs.

The prerequisite is the use of a current ediDAX productive system for EDI data exchange -upcoming updates will then continuously be performed on both, productive and test system, to ensure an optimal testing environment.

If you have any questions or are interested in our proofDAX test system, please contact our Consulting & Sales Team at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an E-Mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com.

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