DAXWARE Newsletter III/2021

ZUGFeRD – Profit from the benefits of hybrid e-billing with ediDAX 3.2


ZUGFeRD is a sector-independent, hybrid format for the exchange of electronic invoice data. It combines the advantages of the classic paper invoice in the form of a PDF document and additionally provides the prescribed invoice information in the form of an integrated XML file. Both components are identical in content and comply with § 14, paragraph 4 of the Value Added Tax Act.

ZUGFeRD is used in many B2B and B2C business relationships.

With the new ediDAX version 3.2 we have integrated the ZUGFeRD format into our EDI-DAXware solution. Electronic invoice data with ZUGFeRD can therefore be generated and sent partner-specific and fully automated from your ERP system. In the same way, any invoice format can be converted into a ZUGFeRD format. The only prerequisite is that your ERP system provides a suitable invoice PDF in addition to the EDI message.


You have received inquiries or requirements regarding ZUGFeRD and would like more detailed information? Contact our consulting and sales team right away at +49 811 9592-430 or by email at sales(@)huengsberg.com.

Enhance your engDAX data exchange solution with the clearDAX clearing services for EDI

Business Case:
You already use our engDAX data exchange solution for the sole purpose of sending and receiving ODER dispatch and receipt of CAD or EDI messages. But now you have to connect new EDI formats or even start connecting EDI messages entirely, but you do not want to invest in own software licenses and ideally still want to use your existing engDAX solution for the connection via EDI?

No problem! With our clearing service clearDAX this is effortlessly possible!

In the first step, we receive the EDI messages, e.g., delivery or JIT delivery schedules from your partner via clearDAX, assign them to the correct mapping and convert the data into your in-house ERP format.
Then we send the converted data via OFTP2 to your engDAX data exchange solution, whereupon you can import them comfortably into your ERP system.


In the second step you send your outgoing EDI messages, e.g., delivery bills and invoices via OFTP2 to our clearing center. We automatically recognize the recipient as well as the file format and initiate the conversion of the data and the dispatch to the corresponding partner via OFTP2 or other transmission protocol, such as AS2.

What concrete benefits does this give you?

  • You do not have to provide an additional internal infrastructure for the EDI connection
  • You only slightlyhave to extend your engDAX, without having to purchase new software licenses for the EDI conversion
  • You do not have to provide any internal know-how for EDI and related message formats or transmission protocols
  • You can use your existing engDAX for the connection to our clearDAX clearing center


Did we make you curious with our business case? Do you face other challenges that you would like us to help you with using our EDI tools and processes? Then simply contact our consulting sales team at +49 811 9592-430 or write to us at sales(@)huengsberg.com. We are looking forward to your challenges!

Make your EDI Supply Chain processes even more secure with our ediDAX EDI Reporting


Due to the crisis, automotive manufacturers are actually rethinking how to make their supply chain processes even more secure and stable and are increasingly shifting responsibility to their suppliers.

To enable you to meet these requirements and optimize your in-house EDI supply chain processes, we present to you our EDI Reporting module.
With ediDAX.EDI-Reporting you are informed about all problems that occur during the EDI process, quickly and clearly by e-mail.

These are the advantages offered by our ediDAX.EDI-Reporting:

  • Interruptions in customer or supplier communication can be identified and resolved immediately.
  • With our EDI tool, even time-critical processes run smoothly since any potential time delay is reported immediately and can consequently be treated at its core.
  • Our EDI reporting allows an absolute overview of errors in the file transfer, mapping process and dispatch.

Concrete application areas of the tool:

Directory monitoring:
You will receive a notification if files are left in the directory scan, e.g., if a new factory is created in the ERP system but not in the EDI system.

File processing monitoring:
You receive immediate notification if an incoming or outgoing file encounters errors during a workflow step, such as a conversion error.

Transmission monitoring:
Monitor scheduled transmissions inbound and outbound and create monitoring plans for yourself. Make sure that you or a partner actually have received or sent the pending data. This enables you to anticipate and intervene proactively if transmissions do not occur.

Success notification:
There are partners who keep claiming that they have not received any data from you? Set an end to this with ediDAX-EDI-Reporting and prove critical transfers by being informed by email when they have been sent successfully.


Do any of these application areas interest you?  Would you like to know more about our EDI Reporting Module? Our consulting sales team is looking forward to your questions at +49 811 9592-430 or by mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com.