DAXWARE Newsletter III/2022

EDI connection of suppliers without ERP system - and now?

In the context of optimising the automotive supply chain, are you or your suppliers supposed to be connected via EDI messages in the future? At the same time, you may have no or no suitable ERP system and still want/must handle the ordering, delivery and invoicing process with your business partners electronically via EDI?

Then you can lean back with confidence, because we have a suitable solution for you - as of now or as of 2023!

Starting in 2023, our cloud-based solution webDAX will be available to meet all automotive requirements for EDI messages, as well as the supply chain process for EDI. No integration into a planning system such as ERP is required and an independent master data management for customers, articles as well as packaging materials is available.

But even now we have an automotive EDI solution without ERP integration for you, if you need it fast! Our hosted stand-alone solution logDAX, which is provided for you according to customer specifications on a hosted server.

But most importantly: what advantages do our solutions webDAX (from 2023) and logDAX (from now) offer you?

  • No IT infrastructure is required, just a browser
  • The entire automotive ordering, delivery and invoicing process can be mapped via EDI.
  • You have a simple, semi-automatic packaging management system at your disposal
  • The solutions are quickly put into operation
  • The solutions can be used by almost all OEMs without major adaptations
  • The use of the messages delivery schedules, JIT delivery schedules, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes is available
  • Transmission can be done with the most common transmission protocols, e.g. OFTP2 or AS2
  • The solutions have a master data module from the customer to the article to the packaging material and the other special features of the OEMs, which you can easily operate
  • You receive warning and error messages for delivery call-off data
  • Operation is simple and intuitive and guides you through the EDI process
  • Costs become calculable - the offer is made on a project basis

If you have any questions or are interested in our EDI solutions as a service, please contact our consulting and sales team at +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an email to sales((@))huengsberg.com.

Centralise - and connect your customers or company locations via an EDI solution with our modules ediDAX / engDAX DirectoryScan

You can no longer manage the staff for the support of several company locations and want to administrate the EDI data exchange automatically from one location? Your customers or suppliers have several plants to which you should send data automatically? Perhaps you are still using the old DWD.Emulation module and can only map one company location or one customer plant with it?

With our modules ediDAX / engDAX.DirecoryScan or DirectoryScan you can map the above mentioned scenarios and use your ediDAX solution for EDI data exchange or your engDAX solution for CAD data exchange even more efficiently.

The module DirectoryScan or Directory-Scan is configured according to your requirements and you can then send EDI or CAD data automatically for several company locations or customer plants.

In addition, with the EDI module EDI-Tools, the EDI data can even be processed and sent on the basis of file contents such as unloading point or article number.

Do you want to save yourself a lot of work and time? Then talk to our consulting team about the ediDAX / engDAX.DirectoryScan modules and send an e-mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com or call us right away at +49 811 9592-430.

Suddenly without an EDI system - what to do?

Today, nothing works without functioning systems. If these fail or are no longer available, as in the case of our customer Finoba Automotive Bavaria, this can cause quite a few problems:
At the end of last year, due to the separation from the previous parent company Finoba, Finoba Automotive Bavaria suddenly no longer had access to the previously jointly used ERP system much faster than planned - and with it, the exchange of EDI messages with the OEM customer was also passé. So there was a lot at stake for the supplier, who then turned to us for help.

Thanks to our expertise, a very practicable and quickly applicable DAXware interim solution and a high level of commitment from both sides, Finoba Automotive Bavaria was not without EDI for a single day! This was of course enormously important, especially for the satisfaction of the OEM customer and the supplier rating... but you are welcome to read for yourself how this was managed in the first place and what the solution looks like.

Review of Automotive Logistics Forum and ODETTE Conference 2022

As announced in March, HÜNGSBERG was at the FAL 2022 and the ODETTE Conference 2022 this year. The ODETTE Conference took place from 23 to 24 May in Prague, and directly before that on 18 and 19 May, HÜNGSBERG was present in Friedrichshafen at the Forum Automobillogistik, both events were rich in content and quite trend-setting from our point of view.

There was unanimity among the automotive players: basically, the aim is to achieve even more planning reliability in the supply chain and to ensure more stability in the processes by evaluating additional data. This approach is also based on the expressed intention of the OEMs to work much more cooperatively and closely with suppliers.

Only together can the challenges of our time be met and we, as an EDI solution provider, see this development very positively. The basic prerequisite for everything is high data quality and secure, error-free communication. This is what we have stood for for over 40 years and we look forward to supporting you as a customer with leading EDI solutions and our usual high level of commitment to your supply chain requirements!