DAXWARE Newsletter IV/2022

HÜNGSBERG wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is quickly approaching, often accompanied by a feeling of chaos and hurry - although the Christmas season should actually stand for contemplation, relaxation and precious time with your loved ones.

With the following poem, we hope to provide you with a moment of serenity and put you in a festive Christmas mood.


Now that the nights’ lengths grow,

and a frosty breeze embraces homes,

while in them, warm lights glow,

the Christmas spirit gently roams.


A long year will soon be gone,

and with it, all that haste,

so let us remember all that’s done,

and not let anything go to waste.


At this point we would like to say,

and not only during this holiday,

and not only as the year’s last hours run through:

Dear customers, we thank you.


 - A poem by an unknown writer - 

"We wish you for Christmas, moments full of cheerfulness. That some people think of you and bestow upon you peace, warmth and love."

The entire HÜNGSBERG team wishes you and your colleagues a peaceful Christmas along with good health and success in the New Year.

Service team availability during the holidays

As in past years, we are allowing for some rest and relaxation and will be closed for company holidays from Monday, 26 December 2022 up to and including Friday, 30 December 2022.

Our service team is, of course, still available for any urgent matters! We will not leave you out in the cold and will be availableto assist you in pressing emergencies from Monday to Friday at our usual service e-mail address service(@)huengsberg.com.

Please understand that we will not be able to provide any order-related services during this time, such as:

  • updates,
  • partner or certificate installations as well as
  • adjustments to mappings 

can not be carried out.

On 02 January, we will all be back with renewed vigour and are already looking forward to beginning a safe and successful new year with you in 2023!

Cooperation at an equal level: New ERP sales partnership for HÜNGSBERG

ERP and EDI systems: only the perfect interaction makes the difference. In November, we agreed on a sales partnership with the ERP provider Demand Software.

Demand Software experienced an increased demand for EDI systems and was looking for the best option for its customers. The choice fell on our DAXware solutions.

A cooperation at eye level: "We have a lot in common with Demand Software: both are family businesses, both have been on the market for many years, both have professional systems for SMEs, high quality standards and their own development and service centres in Germany. In addition, we both operate in sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics and trade.

Demand Software will remain the first point of contact for its customers and will receive intensive training from us. In addition, we plan to work closely together with short coordination channels. The ERP customers benefit in every respect: the compatibility of the systems is already ensured in the run-up to the implementation, so that this then runs smoothly and the new systems are quickly ready to go. Demand Software remains the first point of contact for system solutions; EDI system service and maintenance remain the domain of HÜNGSBERG GmbH. We are looking forward to the cooperation.


Staff departures can generate losses of knowledge, making an EDI Cloud solution a valuable addition

Suddenly it's upon you - the departure of the person responsible for the in-house EDI system. What now?

Wouldn't it be wise to consider outsourcing the EDI area to the cloud and only having to manage one communication interface for EDI in-house, such as SFTP/FTPS, API?

We have summarized the specific benefits of an EDI Cloud solution for you below:

You do not have to allocate costs and personnel for the infrastructure of the on premise solution:

We establish the connection to our EDI server clearDAX in the cloud with your company. The incoming as well as outgoing EDI data then travel along the route. You do not have to allocate costs or personnel for the upkeep of the EDI infrastructure.

You no longer have to concerned about error messages:

Well maybe not completely - but almost!

We take care of general communication issues with reputable partners in the background if a malfunction of the EDI communication requires your involvement, we will notify you via e-mail.

You bear no extra costs for the extension of the OFTP2 certificates:

We renew the HÜNGSBERG OFTP2 certificate every four years. In addition, all your communication links are taken care of without any further costs. The renewal for all well-known OEMs and TIERs is also included in the cloud fees.

You have no additional costs for the updates of your software at EOL:

We update!

Both the infrastructure and the software versions of our cloud solutions are always kept up to date. As our customer, you will be notified by us about maintenance and servicing measures an appropriate time in advance. Once a month ahead of time and then again a week prior to the actual measure.

And if you are already a HÜNGSBERG customer and have mappings from us in use...

... then you can transfer them to the cloud environment at little or no costs. You have a one-time fee for transferring the mappings from on premise to the cloud are incurred. But no additional costs for the mappings themselves!

Of course you first have to incur costs for the conversion of your on premise infrastructure to the Cloud - However finding staff and training them for EDI also costs time and money.

Additionally, keeping existing staff up to date with the latest EDI knowledge also requires time and money:

However, a key benefit is that your EDI costs will be more predictable over time, as all the costs listed above, from server to OFTP2 certificate, will be eliminated and you will only have the EDI Cloud costs. Plus, perhaps the minimal internal costs for providing the communication interface to your company, e.g. SFTP/FTPS, API.

Think about it and let our EDI-Consulting Team advise you free of charge or even make you an offer for an EDI Cloud solution. Send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com or call us right away at +49 811 9592 430.

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