DAXWARE Newsletter II/2017

Notification on the release of engDAX 3.0

We are pleased to inform you today on the final completion of our transmission kernel in engDAX 3.0. 

With a total of six customers – many thanks to them at this point – we completed successfully the pilot period of our new software solution. The outcomes, resulting from the pilot testing flowed into the last development adjustments of engDAX 3.0, before reaching market maturity.

We feel confident that the additional functionalities will support you in your work process. You can find a short outlook in the following:  

  • Simplified OFTP2 security: The configuration of OFTP2 securtiy settings has been greatly simplified. You only indicate a certificate and choose the security criteria to be used for the communication. A further option is to configure every single security setting manually, in case a partner connection requires special settings.  
  • SAP Interface: As of now the SAP Interface module supports the feed back of failures occuring at the conversion or the transmission to SAP. Previously you had either a succes- or an error status.
  • Certificate export from interface: Now you can download a certificate from the web interface. It is possible to download the public certificate, the private certificate or the public key of a private certificate.   

Of course we are gladly at your disposal at any queries, wishes and impulses from your side. E-Mail sales(@)huengsberg.com or Phone: +49(0)811/9592-430.

Automatic monitoring & notification in your DAXWARE solution

In EDI and CAD/CAM data interchange a permanent monitoring of the system becomes more and more important. Failures may be fatal for the construction or shipment process and / or entail penalty payments for you as a supplier.  

In order to simplify for you the monitoring of your EDI or CAD/CAM data exchange solution  we integrated in our systems engDAX and ediDAX an automatic monitoring for notifications on error or warning messages. This has been available for a certain time already but has not been used very often so far.

 If you are interested in the activation of this function, please send an e-mail to service(@)huengsberg.com with the reference „Aktivierung Monitoring“ and our service team will contact you on this behalf.

Customer survey concerning products, support & services by HÜNGSBERG AG

From 27th April to 12th May 2017 we carried out a customer survey in order to get a valuable and broad customer opinion.

All our DAXWARE customers got an e-mail with a link to a questionnaire with various questions concerning our products and services. The answers had been anonymized and valuated with utmost carefulness.  We thank all participants for having spent their time to answer our questions.

The evaluation resulted in a very good validation, which both strengthen and motivates us. We will as well implement your ideas and improvement suggestions in order to optimize further our services, the care and consulting of our customers.

We raffled among all participants of the survey an amazon voucher of 50,00 €.

The winners are: 

  • Ronal GmbH, S. T.
  • Modellbau Lohr GmbH, O. E.
  • Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, D. S.

All winners had already been notified.

Retrospect on the ODETTE conference 2017…

… according to the motto: Transformation of the digital supply chain

The ODETTE conference 2017, where experts of the supply chain management in the Automotive Industry come together, took place in the German capital Berlin from 15th to 16th May 2017. About 300 participants from over 30 countries met there in order to exchange ideas and learn more about the latest trends in the logistic and supply chain management field. 

Hüngsberg, too, was present with a stand and informed on the issue change to OFTP2 and the latest EDI modules. With selected VIP customers, who followed our invitation to the conference and who had been placing their trust in us for many years, we had interesting and future oriented discussions and could took up innovating ideas for our EDI solutions.      

On both days of the conference interesting lectures on issues mentioned above where held. These ranged from the optimization of packaging recirculation to the implementation of RFID technology up to the controlling of logistic processes by means of Big Data analyses.

One of the especially current issues to be emphasized was the Implementation ofOFTP2 for data communication due to the deactivation of ISDN. Both VW and the VDA (Verband deutscher Automobilindustrie) lectured on this issue.

It was in total an event with a multitude on interesting information and valuable contacts.

OFTP2 as a long-term alternative to ISDN

Electronic data exchange is today standard in many industries. Communication connections in use are however very often still based on the obsolete ISDN infrastructure. The German Telekom has now officially announced to deactivateISDNcompletely by the end of 2018. All enterprises who still use ISDN are now forced to convert their communication protocols in due time.   

The implementation of a new way of communication has to be planned well, defined economically and be secure on the technical scale. 

The OFTP communication is in most instances linked with an ERP system with which enterprises control the whole automation. With our OFTP2 ready service we offer you optimal conditions to carry out a smooth change from ISDN to the OFTP2 communication.  

Benefit from reasonable and useful features of OFTP2: 

  • Globally available: You can exchange data via OFTP2 from any place in the world.
  • Rapidity: The data transmission via a 10 Mbit internet line is up to 150 times faster than via   ISDN
  • Big data volumes: With OFTP2 you are able to transmit data with a size of peta-bytes.
  • Savings potential: As you can use an existing internet access, you reduce transmission costs
  • High security: OFTP2 offers for your data a high security through file and line encryption as well as through the exchange of certificates.

These are many reasons for a change to the new OFTP2 data exchange protocol and to use its advantages before the end of ISDN.

And if your communication partner does not use OFTP2, you can as well use the ENX connection via web service as an alternative for your data exchange.

We would gladly consult you and support you. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team with an e-mail to sales(@)huengsberg.com or by phone +49 811/9592-430.

Implement now EDI projects– with financial support by the Free State of Bavaria

To use growth potential and maintain competitiveness are a big challenge for small- and medium-sized enterprises. A lack of know-how, time and money prevent often from investing in or change to digital systems.  

To prepare the ground for a digital future the Free State of Bavaria has started a support program with the main target to support financially small- and medium-sized enterprises in their digitalization process with the Digital Bonus/-Credit.   

When your enterprise is located in Bavaria and you plan to implement an EDI solution, but your financial resources had not allowed it so far, then feel free to look up how to apply for a Digital Bonus / Credit under https://www.digitalbonus.bayern/