Avoid fines - with our new EDI tools!

We have developed new tools for our EDI, with which you will be informed about all problems during the EDI process quickly and clearly by e-mail. 
Interruptions in customer or supplier communication can be detected and thus be corrected immediately. Thanks to our EDI tools, even time-critical processes run smoothly, since any potential time delay is reported immediately and can therefore be nipped in the bud. Our tools provide an absolute overview of errors in the file transfer, mapping process and shipping.

A brief overview of our new tools:

  • Module EDIReporting: With EDIReporting you receive notifications for all faulty or incomplete EDI processes of the ediDAX. The following are some application scenarios:
    You will receive email notifications in case of:
    - successful or unsuccessful sending/receiving of files
    - Errors in the conversion process
    - Assignment and shipping problems due to lack of information
    - Delays in file processing
    - Timeout in transfers (outgoing and incoming) 
  • Transaction overview: The new transaction overview enables a search and filter function for all positions of the communication control or for any file content, e.g. delivery note number, and can be compiled individually according to your requirements. Thus, for example, you can search for a specific delivery note or supplier via the interface.
  • EDI management interface: With the new EDI management interface, we have packed all EDI settings for each partner, such as mapping management, automatic shipping directories (DirectoryScans), etc. into one interface. Instead of clicking your way through the module management, you can now see at a glance what has been set up for a specific partner.

The EDI tools will be available from the 4th quarter of 2019.

For further information please contact our sales team
under +49 (0)811 9592-430 or send an email to sales(@)huengsberg.com.