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Automotive production: securing supply chain with EDI and

the optimal connection of sub-suppliers with different IT environments

In automotive production, everyone is talking about securing supply chains. It is more important than ever to design transparent and reliable supply chains. To ensure that JIT and JIS processes continue to function smoothly, the supply chains should also be secured down to the lowest levels of the supplier structure to the parts and raw material suppliers in order to ensure the reliable supply of modules, components and individual parts.

EDI for optimal supply chains

Car manufacturers already send digital delivery call-offs to their suppliers and expect digital delivery notes and invoices in return.  As a rule, the document, e.g. a delivery call-off, is then sent to the supplier in advance. This should enable the supplier to request the required components from his sub-suppliers in good time and thus ensure punctual delivery to the OEM.

Recently, the supplier is at the same time required to send his orders as delivery call-off data for the affected items of the sub-supplier to them via EDI in order to ensure a quick change in planning. In return, the sub-supplier is supposed to generate delivery notes, because it is mainly the data of the sub-supplier's delivery notes, such as delivery dates, that are supposed to ensure the supply chain. This means that EDI must be rolled out to the parts / raw material suppliers.

Suppliers are now required to connect their sub-suppliers with EDI systems, among other things; this also applies to many contract logistics providers.

If you are affected by this:

how far away is your company from the ideal state of a continuously transparent, digitalised supply chain "downstream"? A closer look at the companies concerned shows that there are already many good approaches, but there is still a lot of potential lying dormant here. The very inconsistent IT environment of the sub-suppliers is a particular headache for many suppliers.

Yet there are simple and perfectly functioning HÜNGSBERG EDI solutions that can be quickly implemented for the most diverse IT scenarios at the sub-suppliers.

Find out more about how the subcontracting industry is challenged and which EDI solutions are suitable for different IT use cases in the next articles that we will publish here in the coming weeks. You too can benefit from our 40 years of EDI expert know-how in the automotive industry! And if your specific requirement is not answered here - feel free to contact us, we will certainly find a solution for you!  You will not only receive an optimal system from us, but also the best advice.


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