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ERP but no EDI - EDI from the Cloud

If you need to exchange documents with your customers or business partners via EDI and have an ERP system but not an EDI system, we will show you the optimal solution for you in the following. Here, an efficient HÜNGSBERG DAXware cloud solution is the obvious choice.



ERP? –  YES but


EDI from the Cloud? - YES


Your requirement: You already have an ERP system, but no EDI solution yet. You may already be processing a few EDI messages via the manufacturer's web portal. You now want to connect with various customers and partners via a classic EDI solution from the cloud, because you want to take care of as little as possible.





Our SQL-based portal server clearDAX is a comfortable EDI solution from the cloud. All functions for EDI message control can be easily added on a partner-specific basis. Whether it is a message transmission or an additional forwarding of messages to other parties in the process.

The services for message control are modular and fulfil all common EDI transmission protocols and formats.


These include, among others:


  • Supported transmission protocols: OFTP1/2, AS2, X.400, VAN connection, etc.
  • Supported transmission formats: Old VDA, EDIFACT, ODETTE, ANSI, global VDA messages, IDOC, .CSV, extended VDA messages, etc.

Your advantage: As soon as all your EDI requirements have been set up and tested, we will take over the complete service and let you know if necessary. It couldn't be more convenient!

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