Reverse Engineering

„Centralized reception of engineering data with engDAX.PortalCompany“

Kölle GmbH Werkzeugbau und Stanzerei

“The Hüngsberg solution allows us to map the process transparently for all users without the need of a high investment. The process is always the same, whether data are provided via OFTP or internally for downloading. The extension is very easy as it requires a minimal administrative intervention, making this solution a very good tool.” (Statement Key User: Herr Marco Tetzner) 

Customer profile

Kölle GmbH is a medium-sized, metal-working company, located in Vaihingen/Enz (near Stuttgart) with 130 employees.

For over 80 year they are active in tool-making and stamping. For its customers from the automotive and commercial vehicle, aviation and aerospace as well as electrical engineering industries, they manufacture series stamping parts and high-quality tooling. Additionally, they are active in the fields of prototype production and special mechanical manufacturing.

They produce simple stamping parts up to sophisticated components. They offer several manufacturing solutions including production of parts through multicoil feed processes, simple coining or rivetting of rings.

Initial situation

Since 2002 Kölle GmbH is a loyal customer using our CAD/CAM data interchange solutions. In 2010 Kölle changed to our data interchange server engDAX as the former solution did not support the ENGDAT (Engineering Data Massage) standard, which however is now a mandatory requirement of most OEM.


In 2012 Kölle approached us with the demand to connect their many small-sized service providers to the engDAX data interchange system. The objective was to receive data centrally. The providers however did not want to invest in their own software due to low data volumes.

Solution and advantages

Kölle opted then for the module engDAX.PortalCompany, considering the objective of a central data interchange as well as the determination of their providers not to invest too much.  

The module engDAX.PortalCompany enables the providers to log in on the engDAX server of Kölle via their web browser and to up- and download safely their CAD/CAM files via https. If need be, it is possible to generate an ENGDAT messing when files are uploaded, which can user specific be forwarded.

At Kölle the uploaded files are displayed in the logbook like externally sent orders and are automatically processed likewise.

On sender`s site: Data “are sent” by Kölle to the providers. The providers are informed via e-mail message about files ready for downloading. 

The objectives of Kölle, respectively its providers concerning on the one side a cost-efficient central data interchange solution and on the other side investment savings are herewith both reached.