Reverse Engineering

„From paper to EDI with engDAX.Convert“

Koller Formenbau GmbH

"The solution, developed by Hüngsberg, runs in conjunction with SAP without any problems. We exchange messages via the formats VDA 4905 (DELFOR), VDA 4913 (DESADV) and SHPMNT with accounts receivable and accounts payable. The cooperation with Hüngsberg was trouble-free, not least due to the fast response at any occuring problems."

Statement of a user / decision maker Mr Hubert Schwer

Customer Profile

Koller Formenbau GmbH has been established in 1994 by the brothers Max and Thomas Koller. Core capabilities of the enterprise are tool making and molding.

In this special area the enterprise develops and produces tools and molds for all development phases of a new automobile, starting from the model- to the prototyping- up to the serial production. The enterprise produces injection molding as well as  pressing tools. Developed and constructed are the molds in the internal CAD and NC department.

Further locations in Germany and Hungary are part of the Koller Group, a family-run, internationally thinking and acting Technology company with its headquarter in the heart of Bavaria. 

Starting Situation

In 2011 the Koller Group approached us with the objective to initiate the first EDI connection with BMW for the exchange of the formats delivery call-off, shipment notice and credite note. Up to this point the exchange of the formats mentioned before took place in labour- and time consuming paper form with high error potential.  


At this time the Koller Group has newly implemented an SAP system in the company and the processes were not yet accurately defined. The target was a full integration in the relaunched ERP system, with an automatic exchange of EDI messages between SAP and EDI system and HÜNGSBERG as executing company. The EDI connection was furhtermore a completly new issue for Koller Formenbau GmbH, as it was not part of the core capabilities of the company and the according internal know how had to be acquired first.  

Solution and advantages

The Koller Group opted fo our EDI solution with the componenents as follows:

■     engDAX for the exchange of logistic data

■     engDAX.Convert for the conversion of exchange formats, in this case SAP IDOC to VDA and vice versa and

■     mappings for the translation of the message types delivery call-off, shipment notice and credit note.

The solution has been completed by the module engDAX.SAPInterface, which triggers the SAP system via RFC (Remote Function Call) to import received and converted messages. 

On the output side the data from the SAP system are stored in a directory and sent with the module engDAX.DirectoryScan (a directory configured on the base of a virtual file name) via engDAX to the according partner company.   

All requirements of the Koller Group concerning the full integration of the EDI solution are herewith satisfied and the administrators at Koller use exclusively the SAP system for processing received data or for transmitting data via EDI to communication partners.

In the meantime the Koller Group has implemented further EDI connections with renowned customers as VW, Magna, Faurecia, as well as with suppliers using further formats. Through usefull internal EDI know-how they benefit from its effectivity, saving of time and error prevention.