Reverse Engineering

„Integrated data interchange with an EDI stand-alone-solution“

Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH

„We are a customer of HÜNGSBERG since September 2013. Due to a customer demand we looked for an EDI solution and it was the earlier solution DAXBANK which caught our interest.

Even if this product was already well advanced in years, we coped very well with it thanks to your competent support and care. You helped us to master dialogues as well as disagreements with our customers, as we, as a medium-sized enterprise, had to adept first to this serial processes.

At the beginning of 2014 we have implemented logDAX.  Due to the mostly self-explanatory mask we can process detailed call-offs and call-offs fast and flawless. Nevertheless is it possible to adjust shipment notes and invoices flexibly according to the ERP system in use. (Unfortunately are we not able to connect both systems as we still use an agedly ERP system.) With logDAX we have furthermore the option to deliver small quantities and special deliveries without greater effort.  

In case of special demands or adjustments HÜNGSBERG was there for us at any time and realized our wishes if practicable, saving us a great deal of labor. 

On behalf of Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer I want to thank you very much for the ever friendly and well cooperation and for your fast response to any questions and issues. 

Statement of a user / decision maker: Mrs Andrea Strasser (Junior Key Account Project Manager)

Customer profile

The Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH was founded in 1992 by Franz Wimmer jun., master plastics technician. He led the company until 2015, when Klaus Lederbauer took over the management. Through extensive research and experiments constantly new techniques of plastics processing could be tested and improved.

The product- and service portfolio of Wimmer ranges from the product conception up to the completed product and comprises consulting, project management, ultramodern manufacturing techniques, individual model and form construction, high-end plastics processing as well as high-tec production. A transparent quality management is the base of layers of the portfolio.

So it is no wonder, that Wimmer is notably represented as a competent partner in plastics processing and carbon technology in the areas Automotive Industry, Medicine, Prototype Construction, Radio and Telecommunications, Design and Innovation as well as in the Sports Segment.

Initial situation

The Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH is customer of HÜNGSBERG GmbH since 2008 using our communication solution engDAX for CAD data interchange. 


At the end of 2012 Wimmer approached us again, when a notable automotive manufacturer confronted them with the request to receive and process EDI data in form of delivery call-offs (VDA 4905) and detailed call-offs (VDA 4915) and to send shipment notes (VDA 4913) with accompanying documents (VDA 4902, 4912 und 4922) as well as invoices (VDA 4906) in electronic form. 

As the timeframe of the project was not conceivable, they opted for a rental solution instead of a purchase. Wimmer decided furthermore on a stand-alone EDI solution without ERP integration as at the moment only one partner should be connected, as well as for an intervention-less form of receiving and sending of EDI data.

Solution and advantages

At the beginning of 2013 we installed our earlier solution DAXBANK with its own master data administration and replaced it in 2014 by our follow-up product logDAX. Via the already installed data exchange software engDAX for CAD data exchange, logistic data can be received and intervention-less transferred to logDAX in order to print delivery call-offs and detailed call-offs. Shipment notes and accompanying documents can directly be created on the base of the call-of data and (if need be with adjustments concerning delivery quantity e.g.) automatically be sent via engDAX. Invoices can be created on the base of already existing shipment notes and - with a few additional information details – be sent.

Herewith all requirements of Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH concerning an EDI stand-alone solution on a rental basis, integrated in the data exchange are fulfilled.