OFTP2 Ready

Do not trail behind – Shake a leg!

The transfer protocol OFTP2 has been developed by a team of ODETTE (Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe) in cooperation with HÜNGSBERG GmbH. To make the software compatible with the ones of other providers, every OFTP2 software has been tested against each other and certified. HÜNGSBERG has accomplished the certification in the fixed time frame and successfully completed.  

OFTP2 Ready made easy

On order to simplify the start with the OFTP2 communication we have established the OFTP2-Ready-Service. 

Setup in engDAX

- Global setup of the certificate in engDAX for line- or file encryption

- Setup of an OFTP2 test connection for validation and configuration of network and engDAX

- Setup of communication relation to a partner

- Exchange of connection data and certificates with the partner and adjustment of OFTP2 security levels to be applied

- Partner specific setup of certificates for encryption or signing in engDAX

Application for and setup of the certificate

To be able to use OFTP2 you need a certificate issued by a certificate provider who is accepted by ODETTE. In the frame work of the OFTP2 project, ODETTE has founded its own (Certification Authority). Due to the outstanding significance of the ODETTE organization and the ODETTE software, HÜNGSBERG uses exclusively these certificates. 

Order your certificate renewal now!

1. Request the order form OFTP2 certificate renewal from our logistics department at the following e-mail address: 

2. Fill in the order form and send it
by fax to: +49 811 9592399
or by e-mail to: logistik(at)

3. On receipt receipt of the order we will provide you with a written order confirmation

Security-Level OFTP2