End of Life

You have the choice

Each DAXware solution has its life circle. It starts with the release of the software and ends with the end of life (EOL), this is when the software is no longer supported. With regard to the deadline concerning the end of life, you can decide either on an Upgrade or any other changes to be carried out.               

For the life cycle of DAXware products apply the following rights and limitations: 

Mainstream Support

With the end of the support HÜNGSBERG will no longer provide any technical help. On this date you should already have installed the latest available update. These terms apply for all customers without maintenance contract.    


The date for updates marks the deadline as of which you no longer get any automatic program patches or –updates. Protect your data against any safety gaps and use only the latest versions! 

Extended Support 

This is the end of technical support for customers with maintenance contract.