Our standard licence and service contract

"Because we want you to have long-term satisfaction with your DAXware solution, even after it goes live!"

With the HÜNGSBERG Licence and Service Agreement, our customers get exactly that, "lasting satisfaction from our DAXware solutions" - for over 40 years!

The HÜNGSBERG Standard Licence and Service Agreement includes everything you need for your operational day-to-day business - and much more:

  • Free DAXware licences and software updates (except for the installation service).
  • Provision of a competent service team for support requests and service assistance
  • Extension of the licence and service contract for the regular installation of new DAXware updates according to EOL by HÜNGSBERG

DAXware licences and software updates

The HÜNGSBERG licence and service contract is obligatory, because through this we improve our software by regular update developments and extend it with new functionalities as well as modules.

Especially in the area of transmission protocols, such as OFTP2, it is essential for reasons of connection and data security that we always directly integrate the latest ODETTE guidelines for OFTP2 and have them certified via ODETTE. Our customers can therefore always rely on the fact that we will permanently integrate the latest transmission standards in our newest DAXware version, so that they can always fulfil all requirements issued by the communication partners.

If you handle classical EDI with our DAXware solutions, the sustainability of the EDI converter plays a major role. The translation tables or mappings are becoming increasingly complex, as the message contents from the side of the communication partner are becoming more and more extensive and detailed. Likewise, there is an intensification in the digital processes involved, which requires an even better and finer data quality. Therefore, an innovative EDI converter is essential so that our customers can continue to meet all the requirements of their communication partners and their own EDI requirements. For example, our new US-ANSI hosting solution ensures convenient electronic data exchange with TESLA.

Similarly, clever process tools that can be used to intercept, check, cleanse, adapt and monitor data are becoming increasingly important. Here too, HÜNGSBERG offers a range of additional functions and modules to significantly increase both the quality of EDI data and the security of our customers' processes.

Provision of a competent service team for support requests and service assistance

We also provide our customers with service support via support tickets! Our service team is looking forward to receiving your requests and will be happy to assist you during our business hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 17:00 - with a standard response time of eight hours.

However, individual response times can also be arranged via additional contract modules to meet your internal requirements regarding the urgency of the respective data exchange process.

Critical EDI processes require fast response times, as our automotive customers otherwise face penalties and other negative consequences as soon as the EDI and process requirements are not met in the required quality and time.

Short-term adjustments of EDI mappings are also often a critical momentum, as EDI files with incorrect content are subject to high penalties. Unfortunately, communication partners often demand new fields or other adjustments in the EDI files without prior notice. In this case, you as a customer are required to comply with them quickly - otherwise you have to expect penalty payments. In order to provide our customers with the best possible support for mapping adjustments, we implement them as quickly as possible - within one week at the latest. And we do this in a very uncomplicated way via a service ticket and not via an elaborate order that would take longer to finalise.

Extension of the licence service contract for the regular installation of new DAXware updates

Since recently our customers also have the possibility to handle the service for the installation of the update via the licence and service contract. This service allows you a better and more transparent cost control.

The licence and service contract is thereby extended by the item "update services" - we take care of the rest for you!

Once a year, customers are proactively contacted by us to arrange an appointment for the DAXware update. We then install it on the agreed date and carry out the necessary tests - an all-round carefree package for you!


Hourly quotas - if support has to be even faster

Our services are rounded off with a vested hourly quota. This can be purchased in various quantities and used for regular services (except project business). This means that in urgent cases our customers receive the support they need even more quickly and easily!

We do not leave our customers out in the cold after the implementation of our DAXware solutions, but support them with sophisticated software updates and service offers.  This is because the implementation of your DAXware solution is only one part of our wide range of services with which we have been supporting our customers for more than 4 decades!

HÜNGSBERG licences and services - on the safe side with us for over 40 years!

Are you interested in our HÜNGSBERG Standard Service Contract, hourly quotas or do you not know exactly which service component best suits your current situation? Then contact us without obligation - we look forward to hearing from YOU!