Since 1981


Your EDI provider for all industries:


HÜNGSBERG GmbH is one of the leading EDI providers in the sector of innovative data exchange for engineering and logistics reaching across all departments and industries. Since 1981 we cover the whole scope of EDI data handling services from common data exchange up to EDI mapping and optimisation of sophisticated in-house data processing.

Furthermore HÜNGSBERG offers its clients powerful EDI services to support its EDI solutions flawlessly!

No matter what industry you are in -automotive, logistics or other branches- by implementing your EDI software solutions we are proactively assisting you in optimizing business processes, lowering your costs and simultaneously increasing your level of competitiveness!

Knowledgeable EDI Provider for your industry

As a pioneer in EDI HÜNGSBERG GmbH offers its clients a professional package of technologically advanced, reliable EDI software and EDI services.

EDI Solutions offered by HÜNGSBERG are reliable, very flexible and tailored to your industry:


Flexible EDI and CAD solutions for clients in the automotive industry


EDI software solutions for trading optimally connect dealers and suppliers


EDI software solutions for transport & logistics ensure seamless electronic data exchange across the entire supply-chain

Further sectors

Software solutions for seamless electronic data exchange also increase efficiency in other industries – interested? Get in touch with us!

Why you should consider HÜNGSBERG as your EDI provider

Since 1981 HÜNGSBERG GmbH stands for flexible, innovative and highly reliable EDI solutions with fair and transparent pricing. HÜNGSBERG builds trustworthy, respectful and long lasting relationships with its clients and offers them a variety of benefits that go far beyond reliable and flexible EDI solutions. Depending on your area of responsibility, the benefits you may draw can vary.

Here are some of the characteristics that clients value in HÜNGSBERG:


  • Established, reliable and highly flexible EDI software solutions
  • Trustful collaboration characterised by mutual respect and customer centricity
  • In-House Software Development and Customer Support
  • Broad range of EDI Services
  • CAD/ EDI expertise and industry know-how since 1981

Head of Engineering / Technical Director

  • In-House Software Development with huge expertise and a renowned track record
  • Strong service mentality and customer centricity
  • Own software testing environment, huge expertise due to many previous successfully implemented client projects
  • Fast, reliable and knowledgeable support
  • Software know-how as well as reliable and approved CAD / EDI solutions since 1981

Business Administration Manager

  • Professional and respectful collaboration
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Fair price-performance ratio
  • Competitive prices for high-quality software solutions
  • Industry know-how since 1981

HÜNGSBERG: EDI Pioneer since 1981

Being an EDI pioneer for more than 40 years now we absolutely know our clients and their business challenges. That is why we offer EDI solutions that are tailored solely to their particular needs from EDI starter kits all the way to EDI expert solutions.

At HÜNGSBERG we see ourselves as a modern EDI software company that assists our clients in developing seamless connections with their business- or trading partners as well as suppliers using our flexible EDI solutions. In addition, our software also enhances their process efficiency!

Why HÜNGSBERG is the perfect EDI provider to meet your needs

Well-established, and highly flexible EDI software solutions

HÜNGSBERG offers reliable and flexible EDI solutions tailored to client specific needs!

In-house software development and broad EDI service offering

We develop, monitor and optimise our software solutions in-house!

EDI and CAD industry expertise since 1981

For more than 40 years, HÜNGSBERG offers its clients a wide range of sophisticated solutions and services in the field of EDI and CAD / CAM.

Respectful partnerships

HÜNGSBERG emphasises mutual respect and highly values the professional and customer-centred relationships with our clients.

Broad spectrum of EDI service packages and customisable service agreements

We offer a wide range of sophisticated EDI solutions for both EDI beginners and professionals. Regardless of client expertise level, we will find the right EDI solution for every industry and every application!

The useful and reliable product features of our user-friendly software as well as our broad spectrum of service offerings have persuaded many customers from various industries to use our EDI solutions.

In-House Software Development

Our experienced in-house software development team is constantly testing and improving existing software solutions in order to guarantee state of the art, stable, reliable and flexible software products.

Thanks to our in-house software development team, we are able to act and react faster than the majority of our competitors – may it be for integrating customer feedback, engineering specific client requirements or software implementation.

Own service department

At each stage of the product life circle HÜNGSBERG offers you a wide range of EDI solutions. These can stretch from fixed service packages all the way to individually tailored solutions that provide extensive support.

+ 40 Years of industry know-how & client-relationships

As a state of the art EDI provider and pioneer of our field we are proud of our long company history. This allows us to incorporate any industry know-how and renowned EDI/CAD expertise in each and every HÜNGSBERG software – a huge benefit for our clients!


No matter what industry you are in -automotive, logistics or other branches- our EDI software solutions can reliably support your company in optimising business processes. We help implement digital transformation so you can save costs and boost efficiency, thereby increasing your competitive advantage!

HÜNGSBERG offers various EDI solutions ranging from EDI starter kits to EDI solutions for experts! Moreover, all of our software solutions are adapted to fit different industries. Our EDI solutions always take into account special business or market characteristics and are customized to match specific customer requirements.

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If you wish to use EDI without your own infrastructure or only for a limited time-frame. Learn more …

If you need to exchange EDI Data over a web portal. Learn more …

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Clients of HÜNGSBERG GmbH

Here you will find a list of some of our customers from the automotive, logistics, retail and other industries:

Learn more about how HÜNGSBERG GmbH helped other customers reach their goals, feel free to contact us now.
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