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Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH

„Integrated data exchange with an EDI standalone solution“

„We have been a customer of HÜNGSBERG since Sept. 2013. We needed an EDI solution due to customer requirements, and thus initially became aware of the predecessor product DAXBANK.

Although this product was already a bit older, we managed to cope very well due to your competent support and care. You also helped us clarify discussions and solve disagreements with our customer, since as a medium-sized company we still had to get acquainted and grow into new series processes.

At the beginning of 2014, we introduced logDAX, which enabled the processing of JIT and delivery schedules in a very rapid and error free manner, with options to flexibly adjust delivery notes and invoices to the ERP system (unfortunately, we have an older ERP system and therefore cannot connect the systems to one another). Furthermore, logDAX enables small quantities and special deliveries to be made without exerting much effort.

HÜNGSBERG always has an open ear for special requests or adjustments and has implemented them whenever feasible, which saves us a lot of work.

On behalf of the company Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer, I would like to thank HÜNGSBERG for the always friendly and good cooperation and the prompt feedback to any questions and concerns.“

Customer profile

The company Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH was founded in 1992 by Mr. Franz Wimmer, who was managing director until 2015. Since January 2015, Mr. Klaus Lederbauer has taken over its leadership. Through extensive research and trials, new techniques of plastics processing have been continuously tested and improved upon.

The product and service portfolio of Wimmer goes from the initial idea all the way to the finished product and includes consulting, project management, design services, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, individual model and mould making, high-end plastics processing, as well as high-tech production. Transparent quality management is an important pillar supporting all levels throughout the portfolio.

There is a good reason why Wimmer is well known in the automotive, industrial, medical, prototyping, radio & telecommunications, design & innovation and sports sectors as a competent partner in plastics processing and carbon technology.

Initial situation

Since 2008 Kunststoffverarbeitung Wimmer GmbH has been a customer of HÜNGSBERG GmbH in the field of CAD data exchange with our OFTP communication solution engDAX.


Wimmer approached us again at the end of 2012 because they had received a request from a well-known automotive manufacturer to receive and process EDI data in the form of delivery schedules (VDA 4905) and JIT delivery schedules (VDA 4915) and to send delivery notes (VDA 4913) with accompanying documents (VDA 4902, 4912 and 4922) as well as invoices (VDA 4906) in electronic form.

Since the time frame for the project with this automobile manufacturer was not certain, the solution was to be a rental solution instead of an actual purchase. Furthermore, Wimmer’s requirement was to operate a stand-alone EDI solution without ERP integration, since at that point only one partner was to be connected, as well as to receive and send EDI data without interruption.

Solution and advantages

At the beginning of 2013, our older solution DAXBANK with its own master data management was installed and put into operation at Wimmer and then replaced by our follow-up product logDAX at the beginning of 2014. Via the data exchange solution engDAX, which is already in use for the CAD data exchange, logistics data is received and transferred without interruption to logDAX for printing the delivery and JIT delivery schedules. The delivery notes and accompanying documents can be generated directly from the received call-off data in logDAX and sent automatically via engDAX, if necessary, with adjustments (e.g. regarding the quantity to be delivered). In turn, the invoice can be generated from the already existing delivery note and sent with little additional information needed.

Thus all requirements of the company Wimmer GmbH regarding an EDI standalone solution with integrated data exchange were fulfilled on a rental basis.