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teamDAX is the ideal, industry-independent tool for cross-company collaboration and the exchange of engineering data. Our SaaS (=Software as a Service) solution is mainly used in the automotive industry to carry out the secure, fast and fully automated exchange of engineering data.

With the CAD Web Portal solution from HÜNGSBERG, first-class services are provided without the need for any IT infrastructure, so that a rapid initial rollout of the software can be guaranteed. In addition to these advantages, there are a number of other good reasons why many companies in the automotive space successfully rely on the teamDAX solution.

How does the automated CAD data exchange via web work?

teamDAX ensures a seamless, secure and fast data exchange via an internet portal. The SaaS software solution acts as a gateway between the users’ internet access and a standardised data transfer via ODETTE data exchange with ENGDAT functionality to the data exchange partners.

teamDAX: The most important customer benefits at a glance:

The most important advantages of the Web Portal software are:

  • Reliable and very stable software solution
    teamDAX is a very stable software that enables secure data transmission through the OFTP2 protocol. This, in itself, already implies a significant advantage over many competitors.
  • Secure and fast data exchange
    Benefit from the advantageous teamDAX features despite shortening development cycles, increasing data volumes and higher standards of data exchange, e.g. through increased cross-location cooperation.

With the teamDAX you will save a lot of time and effort. But our web portal solution offers many more advantages:

  • teamDAX can be used in all industries
  • Leaner IT infrastructure through a secure and stable web solution
  • ISO 27001 certified data centre
  • Usage independent of location due to web connection
  • E-mail notification upon receipt of files
  • Predictable costs

The ISO 27001-certified data centre is also subject to BSI protection and thus to the world’s highest standard of IT security.

For whom is the CAD web solution teamDAX suitable?

The teamDAX web portal solution is perfectly suited for the secure, seamless and fully automated exchange of engineering data via an internet portal.

Although it has many other applications, it is classically used in the automotive sector because the software covers all data formats and standards required by the automotive industry. However, by supporting various transmission protocols and automotive formats (e.g. OFTP2, ENGDAT), the communication server also fulfils all requirements for the secure and fast data transmission of various other industries.

Application scenarios for the use of teamDAX

The automotive industry in particular has always outsourced parts of its development to engineering service providers. The processes between the business partners are characterised by shortening development cycles, growing data volumes and cross-location collaboration. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property is becoming an increasingly important factor, as is the secure and fast exchange of data between the engineering service provider and the manufacturer.

teamDAX is the perfect software solution for enabling cross-company collaboration and the secure and fully automated exchange of engineering data. It is particularly useful in the automotive space, as all important standards required by the automotive industry such as OFTP1, OFTP2 and ENX as well as the ENGDAT and ENGPART functionalities are covered and inherent to the web-based software.

teamDAX: How the automated data exchange of design and construction data works

With teamDAX, CAD data exchange is enabled through a SaaS solution. You as the customer send and receive the data, HÜNGSBERG monitors the data exchange and immediately reports any errors that may have occurred during the transmission. These comprehensive services are included in teamDAX.

teamDAX supports OFTP 1.4 and OFTP2 as well as the VDA recommendation 4951. This allows you to exchange CAD data via a network node of HÜNGSBERG GmbH, which is accessible over the internet. The engDAX message describes the CAD files and enables processing according to the contents of the files. All of this combined gives you access to the data exchange network of the German and European automotive supplier industry without having to invest in your own software solution. All you need, in order to access it, is an internet connection and an internet browser.

The teamDAX software is thus a very simple and fast way to access the ODETTE data exchange. Besides, its use is not limited to the automotive sector; it is applicable to all industries.

Automated CAD data exchange via web with teamDAX

Outlook and further information on the HÜNGSBERG Web Portal CAD solution

With our web solution you get to benefit from a highly secure and flexible CAD software, which enables you to automatically send and receive design data in a smooth and secure manner, while, at the same time, contributing to minimizing costs.

For more information on our CAD Web Portal software, please refer to the teamDAX product data sheet.

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