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logDAX Business Case

Meet EDI requirements despite lacking ERP software with the EDI solution logDAX from HÜNGSBERG

The challenge

Logistical disaster at an automotive supplier: Due to its spin-off from the parent company, a company lost the connection to the ERP system and thus the possibility of EDI, the electronic data transfer of documents. In order to be able to fulfil existing orders, the company was suddenly faced with the almost insurmountable task of having to implement a completely new EDI system environment within four weeks. If not, the looming threat was poor supplier ratings or worse: the loss of customers.

Our solution

Through the fast implementation of its logDAX EDI software, the predecessor of webDAX, adapted to the customer-specific requirements, HÜNGSBERG was able to prevent bad outcomes in the fulfilment of the customers orders. It took only four weeks, from the beginning to the end of March 2021, to go from commissioning to testing the operation. Since the beginning of April 2021, the logDAX EDI system has successfully been in productive operation.

Your advantage

The automotive supplier was able to process its orders smoothly via EDI and supply its customers “on time”. Everything worked perfectly, despite the rapid time in which the HÜNGSBERG logDAX EDI system had to be customised and implemented.

logDAX: The standalone solution for your EDI processing

Company restructuring operations such as a spin-offs are part of everyday life. Among the many changes and problems that such processes bring, it is often the complete separation from the ERP system which causes the most distress because it implies there is no longer any possibility of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

This is what happened to one of HÜNGSBERG’s customers, an automotive supplier, who therefore needed a professional EDI solution in the shortest possible timeframe in order to be able to guarantee punctual delivery to its customers. Otherwise, the loss of its largest customer and most extensive orders were imminent. This was a critical situation that threatened the very existence of the company itself, since it was impossible to adapt and implement the ERP system that had already been ordered in the short time span of four weeks that had to be strictly adhered to.

Since the parent company had been working to full satisfaction with a HÜNGSBERG EDI system for many years, the management of the automotive supplier decided to ask us for help. The HÜNGSBERG developer team accepted the challenge.

No ERP and still EDI? logDAX!

logDAX was the tool of choice and turned out to be the ideal solution. Without requiring an ERP system, logDAX was the solution for EDI processing of call-off, delivery and invoice transactions. logDAX natively supported the VDA formats and could also be used for the global EDIFACT messages increasingly used by manufacturers via data mappings. It was modular in design and was further developed and configured according to market and customer requirements.

Further features of the system

  • It could be used by several users at the same time. Authentication protected against any unauthorised usage.
  • The system warned in case of errors, so that discrepancies could be clarified easily and quickly with the client.
  • In addition, logDAX could also be used to map inventory and warehouse management.
  • All call-off data could be filtered according to any criteria (e.g. articles, customers, delivery dates) and deviations (e.g. backlog, immediate requirements, preview quantities, differences) were displayed.
  • With just a few clicks, the delivery bill could be generated from the forecast delivery schedule and then converted into an invoice just as easily.

However, the greatest benefit for the customer turned out to be another. Since logDAX, like all HÜNGSBERG EDI systems, is a complete in-house development, the HÜNGSBERG development team mastered the challenge of implementing logDAX at the customers site within four weeks.
Our developers know the system inside-out and can identify exactly what needs to be done to get individual customisations running reliably and error-free.
After commissioning everything worked perfectly, despite the rapid time in which the logDAX EDI system was adapted and implemented. Since April 2021, the automotive supplier has been able to carry out ordering, delivery and payment processes in direct business via EDI. It can use logDAX for call-off data, use it as a printing solution for shipping documents and material tags, or use it to report receipt and issue of materials in the warehouse.

Additional benefits

In the future, the customer plans to implement an ERP system and a classic EDI solution that directly feeds the data into the ERP.
Is the logDAX then superfluous? Not at all! Now it can be optimally used as a testing and backup method. When new data enters the ERP system, for example, logDAX can be used to check whether all the required data is actually available in the ERP system.
The customer reported full satisfaction, both with the HÜNGSBERG logDAX system and with the always available and competent HÜNGSBERG service.

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