Standard License and Service Agreement

Our Standard License and Service Agreement provides you with everything you need for your day-to-day operational needs

Our HÜNGSBERG Standard License and Service Agreement

„We strive to ensure your on-going satisfaction with your DAXware solution, even after its implementation!“

With the HÜNGSBERG License Service Agreement, our customers get exactly that – “joy after the implementation of our DAXware solutions” – since over 40 years!

The HÜNGSBERG Standard License and Service Agreement includes everything you need for your day-to-day operational needs – and much more:

  • Free DAXware licenses and software updates (excluding installation services)
  • Availability of a proficient service team to assist with support inquiries and service-related assistance.
  • Extension of the License Service Agreement to include regular installation of new DAXware updates as per HÜNGSBERG’s End-of-Life (EOL) policy

DAXware License and Software Updates

The HÜNGSBERG License Service Agreement is mandatory, as it allows us to continuously improve our software through regular updates, introducing new functionalities and modules.

In the realm of transmission protocols, particularly in the case of OFTP2, it is of utmost importance for us to promptly integrate the latest ODETTE guidelines for OFTP2 and obtain ODETTE certification. As a result, our customers can trust that our current DAXware versions consistently incorporate the most up-to-date transmission standards, enabling them to fulfil all communication partner requirements.

If you operate traditional EDI with our DAXware solutions, the future viability of the EDI converter plays a significant role. Translation tables or mappings are becoming increasingly complex as the message contents from communication partners become more extensive and detailed. Furthermore, there is an expansion in the associated digital processes, which requires even better and more refined data quality. Therefore, an innovative EDI converter is essential to ensure that our customers can continue to meet the requirements of their communication partners and their own EDI needs in the future. For example, our new US-ANSI hosting solution ensures convenient electronic data exchange with TESLA.

Furthermore, process tools are gaining significance as they allow for data interception, validation, cleansing, customization, and monitoring. In this regard, HÜNGSBERG provides a variety of additional functionalities to enhance the quality of our customers’ data and ensure greater process security.

Provision of a competent Service Team for support inquiries and service assistance

We offer our customers service assistance through support tickets. Our dedicated service team is eager to receive your inquiries and is available to assist you during our business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We strive to provide a prompt response, with a standard response time of eight hours.

However, it is also possible to establish custom response times through additional contract modules to meet your internal requirements regarding the urgency of each data exchange process.

Critical EDI processes require swift response times, as our automotive customers may face penalty charges if the EDI and process requirements are not met with the required quality and timeliness.

Mapping adjustments can often be a critical moment as incorrect EDI files may lead to penalty fees. Unfortunately, manufacturers often introduce new fields or require other modifications in the EDI files without prior notice. In such cases, it is crucial for you as a customer to address these changes promptly, or you may face penalty charges. To provide optimal support to our customers with mapping adjustments, we strive to implement them as quickly as possible, typically within one week. This process is facilitated through a service ticket, ensuring a streamlined approach instead of a lengthy and complex order process.

Expansion of the License Service Agreement to include regular installation of new DAXware updates

Our customers now have the added convenience of including the service for update installation in the License Service Agreement. This offering ensures improved cost control and transparency for you. The License Service Agreement is expanded to encompass the “Update Services” section, allowing us to take care of all the necessary tasks on your behalf.

Once a year, we proactively reach out to our customers to schedule a date for the DAXware update. We then proceed to install the update on the agreed-upon date and conduct the necessary tests. This comprehensive service ensures a worry-free experience for you.

Hourly Service Quotas – for even faster support assistance

Our service offerings are complemented by a non-expiring hourly support package . These packages can be purchased in various sizes and utilized for regular service assistance (excluding project-related services). This ensures that our customers can receive the required support even faster and more conveniently in urgent cases

We don’t leave our customers out in the cold after the implementation of our DAXware solutions. Instead, we continue to support them with refined software updates and comprehensive service offerings. The implementation of your DAXware solution is just a part of our extensive range of services and support that we have been providing to our customers for over four decades.

HÜNGSBERG licenses and services – on the safe side with us for over 40 years!

Are you interested in our HÜNGSBERG Standard Service Agreement, hourly support packages, or unsure about which service component best suits your current situation? Feel free to contact us without any obligation – we look forward to hearing from YOU!

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