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SoftCon Beratung + Software GmbH

The SoftCon Beratung + Software GmbH is a versatile and comprehensive EDI provider, offering services independent of specific IT infrastructure. It is a leading third-party service provider for the ERP system XPERT (formerly XPPS) and caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from traditional medium-sized businesses to large corporations on a global scale. SoftCon serves as an alternative solutions provider for all EDI-related needs and supports various Infor ERP systems, including XPPS/XPERT and Infor COM. It also manages EDI environments for SAP, Navision, proALPHA, PSI Penta, Sage, and Infra. Furthermore, Softcon provides expert assistance in the establishment and modernisation of EDI infrastructures, offering services in maintenance, implementation, and continuous support.

SoftCon Beratung + Software GmbH has emerged as a leading provider in the EDI service market. To meet all requirements and deliver superior services, it adopts a decentralised approach by collaborating with industry experts and specialists of each respective field.

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Mr. Thilo Schwender