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EDI Process Assurance

HÜNGSBERG process assurance helps you to improve EDI processes and their data quality as well as to reduce costs or avoid penalties.

Why EDI process safeguarding is necessary

The requirements for EDI processes and data quality in the supply chain have increased enormously in recent years. This is due to the fact that high quality processes and data are necessary to effectively manage digital communication with partners when exchanging EDI messages. Inefficient processes and substandard data quality require manual interventions and corrections, which in turn leads to increased costs.

In some sectors, manufacturers have even started to impose penalties on their suppliers for poor EDI processes and data.

Conversely, manufacturers may not always deliver the optimal data quality as EDI data is sent to the supplier multiple times or out of sequence. This then leads to additional work for the supplier, such as manual clean-ups and restoring the correct order of the EDI data.

How our product helps you with safeguarding EDI processes

Our sophisticated process assurance modules assist our customers in enhancing their EDI processes and data quality both internally and externally. Our EDI process assurance can permanently reduce or even completely eliminate additional manual efforts, possible penalties, or even the loss of supplier status.

Here is a summary of the benefits of EDI process assurance that accrue to manufacturers and suppliers:


  • Better process structures on the supplier side
  • Lower costs due to better data quality in the supply chain
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain
  • Decreased vulnerability to supply chain disruptions


  • High cost and time savings through better data quality
  • Reduction of additional effort via the receipt of clean data from manufacturers
  • Improved process structures and an increase of appeal to manufacturers
  • Prevention of punitive fees or loss of supplier status

EDI process assurance modules

With our sophisticated process assurance modules, we improve your EDI processes and data quality both internally and externally and ensure they are effectively protected against transmission errors or other issues.

We offer the following process-securing modules for EDI process assurance:

  • ediDAX.EDI-Reporting

With the ediDAX.EDI-Reporting module, you always know what is happening with your data – it evaluates your EDI messages and processes for quality and completeness and promptly alerts you of any discrepancies!

  • ediDAX.TransactionOverview

The ediDAX.EDI-TransactionOverview provides you with a convenient way to view all of your EDI message transactions in one place, allowing you to quickly access sent or received data!

  • ediDAX.EDI-Tools

Our ediDAX.EDI-Tools module is THE ultimate toolbox for all EDI process needs. Its features assist you in gaining better control of your processes!

  • ediDAX.DuplicateCheck

The ediDAX.DuplicateCheck module detects incoming message duplicates and helps you win back control of your data as well as secure your planning and production process!

  • ediDAX.PearlChain

The Pearl-Chain – module helps you secure the supply chain in the JIT/JIS area and thereby prevents high costs arising from inaccurate production or delivery!

  • ediDAX.Test-Simulation

The Test-Simulation module provides a quick and easy switch from production to test mode when testing your EDI messages. It also prevents any unreleased EDI files from entering your production system or from being sent to your partner!

Do you have any questions regarding the HÜNGSBERG EDI process assurance or any specific module? Feel free to contact us now! We look forward to hearing from you!

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