Since 1981

we help the automotive industry with reliable high-performance integration solutions to digitalise business processes and reduce costs

Your partner for digitalisation, integration and process optimisation in the automotive industry:


HÜNGSBERG GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of data exchange for engineering and logistics, specializing in the automotive industry. Since 1981 we have been supporting companies, suppliers and their partners with our solutions to achieve maximum supply chain efficiency through the automation of processes.

HÜNGSBERG offers efficient automotive supply chain solutions

HÜNGSBERG GmbH is one of the leading CAD and EDI providers in the field of data exchange for engineering and logistics. We offer our customers from the automotive industry reliable and flexible EDI software solutions to digitalise and optimise processes, reduce costs and increase their competitiveness! What’s more, we have been doing it for over 40 years! HÜNGSBERG – WE CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS!

HÜNGSBERG stands out as one of the few providers on the market with its own in-house development. Should you need it, our English-speaking in-house support team at our site in Hallbergmoos will also be happy to assist you.

Thanks to this and our innovative, automated B2B communication processes, our team can serve as a reliable partner for data automation, data integration and data optimization, helping you to significantly improve the efficiency of your supply chain. We provide comprehensive support and services throughout the planning and implementation process always fostered by our broad and first-class service offering.

Rely on HÜNGSBERG as a strong, reliable and innovative partner for your B2B business!

HÜNGSBERG supports the entire automotive supply chain

EDI and the supply chain are THE fundamental challenges facing the automotive industry. megatrends like digital transformation and globalization have raised the bar for the automotive supply chain, requiring high-performance and seamless processes. This is exactly where our HÜNGSBERG DAXware solutions come in handy. For over 40 years, HÜNGSBERG has been connecting manufacturers with partners and suppliers in the automotive industry. Through our various offerings we deliver the perfect supply chain solution for your business model! HÜNGSBERG – WE CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS!

Proven industry expertise in automated B2B communications

Since 1981, renowned customers from the automotive industry have entrusted us with their process integration and optimisation. As a dependable yet flexible partner, we assist these companies in automating and integrating processes as well as in adapting them to continuously changing conditions. Because efficiently integrating and optimizing processes, people, machines, and data has never been more vital to business success than it is today!

Automotive clients of HÜNGSBERG GmbH

Here you will find a list of some of our customers from the automotive sector:

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Customer example in automotive industry:

Learn in our logDAX business case how quicky HÜNGSBERG was able to make an automotive supplier EDI-capable again, after it had lost its connection to the ERP system as a result of being spun off from its parent company.


Why HÜNGSBERG is the perfect EDI provider to meet your needs in the automotive sector

Well-established, and highly flexible EDI software solutions

HÜNGSBERG offers reliable and flexible EDI solutions tailored to client specific needs!

In-House Software Development and broad EDI Services

We develop, monitor and optimize our software solutions in-house!

Industry Expertise since 1981

Since over 40 years, HÜNGSBERG offers its clients a wide range of sophisticated solutions and services in the field of EDI and CAD / CAM.

Respectful partnerships

HÜNGSBERG emphasises mutual respect and highly values the professional and customer-centred relationships with its clients.

Let us increase your supply chain efficiency together!

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Overview: HÜNGSBERG solutions for other industries

For over 40 years, we have been your dependable partner for digitization, integration, and process optimization in the automotive industry. However, our CAD and EDI solutions are applicable to many different industries. For instance our DAXware solutions are successfully used in the following industries:


HÜNGSBERG EDI software solutions for trading optimally connect dealers and suppliers.


HÜNGSBERG EDI software solutions for transport & logistics ensure a smooth electronic data exchange across the entire supply-chain.

Further Sectors

HÜNGSBERG software solutions for smooth electronic data exchange also increase efficiency in other industries – interested?
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