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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) stands for the processing and exchange of electronic business data between partners. EDI automation is therefore an important component in the implementation of Industry 4.0 measures.

Nowadays, companies of all sizes realise savings and enhance their scaling and growth potential via various automation solutions. The automation of data and exchange of documents, e.g. during goods procurement or order entry, plays a central role here. This feature is especially crucial for the cooperation between clients, suppliers and third parties.

With our HÜNGSBERG EDI solutions, we have been enabling companies of all sizes and industries to exchange data electronically between partners for more than 40 years – e.g. through message standards such as EDIFACT.

What speaks for us and our EDI solutions

Tried and true, adaptable EDI solutions

HÜNGSBERG offers you reliable and flexible EDI solutions adjusted to your own individual and specific needs!

Internal development & wide range of services

We develop, support and improve our software solutions in-house!

Market expertise – since 1981

Since over 40 years, HÜNGSBERG offers its clients a wide range of sophisticated solutions and services in the field of EDI and CAD / CAM.

Partnership Cooperation

HÜNGSBERG emphasises mutual respect and highly values the professional and customer-centred relationships with its business partners.

EDI Solutions from HÜNGSBERG: An Overview

As an EDI service provider, HÜNGSBERG has been offering its customers a wide range of reliable and individually customisable EDI solutions since 1981.

Our customers can choose between the following different EDI solutions for business communication:

If you want to increase competitiveness, reduce long-term costs and optimise your delivery processes. Learn more

If you wish to use EDI without your own infrastructure or only for a limited time-frame. Learn more

If you need to exchange EDI data via a web portal without ERP-integration. Learn more

If you wish to improve internal and external EDI processes as well as data quality to avoid penalty payments. Learn more

Feel free to contact us anytime and find out which EDI solution is best suited for you.

Choosing the right EDI solutions that fits your business model

In general, EDI software can be used in a multitude of ways: Either as an on premise solution (i.e. operated in-house), as a cloud solution or as a so-called webEDI solution via the Internet with a provider.

Each of these options comes with its own advantages and disadvantages:

On Premise EDI solution: ediDAX

The advantage of an on premise EDI solution is that all EDI requirements can be implemented in-house without any dependence on external partners. With ediDAX, HÜNGSBERG offers an on premise EDI software solution that can be used regardless of your industry.

EDI outsourcing with the cloud solution clearDAX

Business partners and suppliers who would like to connect to your clients can be connected quickly using our clearDAX solution, without the need for an EDI infrastructure or internal employee know-how.

webDAX – webEDI for the rapid connection of non-EDI-capable suppliers

webDAX is an easy-to-implement EDI solution that enables the connection of previously non-EDI-capable suppliers. It thereby assures for comprehensive communication with all your business partners without a time consuming and costly implementation. This webEDI solution allows you to easily exchange web-based EDI messages with larger business partners with only a laptop and a browser.

After having selected the EDI solution that adheres best to your needs, our experienced team will immediately help you implement it in your company. In the following paragraphs, you will learn what the implementation of your EDI solution could look like using HÜNGSBERG as your trustworthy partner.

Implementing an EDI solution in your company

Essentially, the implementation of an EDI solution consists of three steps:

  • EDI concept phase
  • EDI test phase
  • Switching to live and commissioning the EDI system

The different steps are explained in more detail below:

EDI concept phase

The initial step, known as the EDI concept phase, involves a thorough understanding of the customer’s specific requirements. These requirements are then translated into the functionalities of the different modules within the EDI software. This phase ensures that the customer gains a comprehensive understanding of the resulting EDI solution, including its technical capabilities and potential use cases. Customer-specific EDI settings are installed and configured in a realistic testing environment and the EDI solution is thoroughly evaluated and validated for its intended use.

The steps of the EDI concept phase, which take place before going live include:

  • installation of the EDI software on the test server
  • connection of the partners via the necessary protocol
  • generation of the mappings for various formats and partners
  • basic setting, testing and adjustment of the EDI solution
  • definition and documentation of the installation
  • creation of test scenarios with reference data

EDI test phase

In the EDI test phase, the test plans, reference data, or software settings that have been defined during the EDI concept phase are intensively tested and verified with the connected trading partners.

This step represents an iterative process in which – if necessary – corrections can be made. These, in turn, result in adaptations of existing mappings and documentation, etc. At the end of the EDI test phase, the system is successfully accepted.

Switching to live and commissioning of the EDI system

At the end of the successfully completed EDI test phase, the EDI system changes from being a test environment to becoming a productive system. HÜNGSBERG supports its customers very closely during this phase. By ensuring that all the important EDI decision-makers (key users, end users, administrators) receive adequate training beforehand, HÜNGSBERG makes certain that both the transition to live operation and the post-go live period run seamlessly.

Upcoming questions or application problems are directly addressed and quickly solved by our reactive support team.

Further HÜNGSBERG software solutions for electronic data interchange

Our EDI solutions are reliable, flexible and scalable. In addition to software products for the exchange of business messages, HÜNGSBERG also offers customisable solutions for the exchange of design data and EDI solutions in procurement and logistics.