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The flexible, workflow-based communication server solution engDAX ensures a secure and fully automated design and production data exchange for Industry 4.0 processes. With the CAD Client Server solution by HÜNGSBERG, designers can access all their design data as well as any data needed from partners quickly, securely and comfortably with an internet browser.

engDAX customers benefit from a very secure and flexible CAD software which is applicable to any industry and enables them to send and receive design data without any hitch. At the same time, the CAD software contributes to cost minimisation – in addition to the very low installation effort required. The web-based communication server solution also has a wide range of applications, meaning that engDAX can be used by customers with varying levels of knowledge and expertise (from beginner to expert).

engDAX: The most important customer advantages at a glance

Due to its flexibly extendable workflow system engDAX optimally adapts to your individual needs and grows with your specific requirements for data exchange. Therefore, engDAX is the ideal communication software for CAD data exchange in many different industries.

The most important advantages of this adjustable client server communication software for our customers are as follows:

  • Reliable and very stable software solution
  • Modular structure of the software leads to greater cost efficiency
    The modular structure of our web-based communication server means that you only buy what you really need for your daily business!
  • Ability to connect with your own partners without OFTP software
    With engDAX you can also connect business or trading partners without OFTP software and use the seamless data exchange.
  • One system for multiple transmission mechanisms
    Many different transmission paths are covered by engDAX, including OFTP, OFTP2, FTP, ENX
  • Location-independent login via the web
  • Email notification upon receipt of files

What other advantages does engDAX offer?

The engDAX solution for the secure CAD data exchange offers numerous advantages to companies. This extremely stable software enables a particularly secure state-of-the-art transmission of data through the OFTP2 protocol.

Optimisations offered by engDAX regarding processes, time and cost savings as well as many other positive features contribute significantly to the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Highest degree of security and reliability
    engDAX offers the highest level of security and reliability regarding data transmission as well as system availability. The system has the latest OFTP2 certification and is always kept up to date by our in- house development department.
  • Fast and secure transmission of large amounts of design data
    Many customers appreciate this feature of engDAX – apart from other advantages because of shortening development cycles.
  • Flexible and customisable server communication software
    Due to its flexible and extendable workflow system engDAX adapts to your individual needs and to the specific, always growing requirements for data exchange.

Further advantages of the Hüngsberg CAD communication software engDAX: :

  • Modular structure created for individual needs and application possibilities
  • Increase of process security and quality
  • Time and cost savings

For whom is the HÜNGSBERG CAD software solution suitable?

The Client Server solution engDAX suitable for all industries is the ideal communication solution for the safe, seamless and fully automated exchange of engineering data. The software covers all data formats and standards required by the automotive industry. However, due to the support of different transmission protocols, the communication server also fulfils all requirements for the secure and fast transmission of data throughout different industries.

The PortalCompany feature in engDAX allows even the smallest partners which don’t have their own CAD data exchange solution to send and receive data easily. engDAX offers completely customisable solutions with a wide range of applications for both suppliers and partners, as well as for large and small companies. Besides, the engDAX system can be used by CAD inexperienced companies as well as by companies with expert knowledge of CAD.

Application scenarios for engDAX

The web-based software is classically used in the automotive space as it fulfils all the important standards required by the automotive industry – as well as the ENGDAT and ENGPART functionality. However, engDAX has a much wider range of applications that goes far beyond the automotive sector.

In addition, the software has a flexibly extendable workflow system for process control and traceability. engDAX can also be operated as a multi-client portal solution in order to connect several different company locations via one solution.

Besides, the ENGDAT and ENGPART functionality inherent to the software supports the exchange between workstations as well as person-related exchange processes.

engDAX is therefore the perfect communication solution for the secure and fully automated exchange of engineering data with multiple application scenarios.

Clients using engDAX

Clients who rely on our CAD communication server solution engDAX come from a variety of different industries, amongst others from the automotive and the mechanical engineering sectors.

EuWe Eugen Wexler GmbH & Co.KG

Langer GmbH & Co. KG

Customer testimonials engDAX – What our long-standing customers say:

“The easy and intuitive interface of engDAX convinced us at first sight. The aim now was to implement our special requirements in the standard software. The committed team at HÜNGSBERG quickly found the optimal solution and was able to carry out our wishes successfully by devising a clever configuration.”

Jürgen Rausch, IT administrator at Witzenmann GmbH

engDAX: How the exchange of design and production data works

With engDAX the exchange of CAD data is enabled through an on premise solution. The software is installed directly on the customer’s server. After the initial installation the customer supervises and monitors it independently.

The engDAX is primarily used for exchanging design and manufacturing data. The diverse message formats used by companies and partners are translated into a unified language, enabling seamless and direct data exchange and communication between business partners.

Functionality of the CAD Client Server Solution engDAX for the Exchange of Design Data

Outlook and further information about the HÜNGSBERG Client Server Solution

With engDAX you benefit from an extremely secure and flexible CAD software which allows you to send and receive design data seamlessly while at the same time contributing to cost minimisation.

Further information about our CAD Client Server Software can be found in the engDAX product data sheet.

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