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HÜNGSBERG has earned the trust of over 500 customers. Explore a range of business cases in CAD and EDI that showcase our expertise

Tailored solutions to meet a variety of IT scenarios in the fields of EDI and CAD

With over 40 years of experience, HÜNGSBERG GmbH is a leading provider of CAD and EDI solutions for data exchange in engineering and logistics across all industries. Our expertise in digitalization, integration, and process optimization makes us a reliable partner. Explore our modular solutions tailored to different IT scenarios and discover how we can help you achieve reliable and fast results:

Examples for a wide range of IT contexts at both suppliers and sub-suppliers

HÜNGSBERG offers solutions tailored to various IT situations, both for you and your sub-suppliers. Our experts have curated a selection of potential scenarios in which our flexible, quickly deployable EDI solutions can provide reliable support:

  • You have an ERP system but haven’t implemented an EDI solution yet. We can help you connect to an OEM or other communication partner as a supplier or sub-supplier via EDI
  • You are still unsure whether you want to implement the EDI solution on premise or as a cloud-based solution
  • You already have an EDI solution and want to connect sub-suppliers via classic EDI
  • You want to connect sub-suppliers via webEDI who are not EDI-capable

Discover in our logDAX business case how an automotive supplier was able to fulfil the EDI requirements of its clients without even owning ERP software, thanks to the help of HÜNGSBERG’s logDAX EDI solution, the predecessor of our webDAX solution. By doing so, they were able to avoid getting negative supplier ratings or even losing customers – all in record time!

Stay tuned for upcoming business cases from HÜNGSBERG’s experts, where we will discuss the challenges faced by the supply industry and the most suitable EDI solutions for different IT use cases. If your specific requirements are not covered in the presented scenarios, please reach out to us! We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your individual situation. At HÜNGSBERG, you’ll receive not only an optimal system, but also the best advice. HÜNGSBERG – WE CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS!

Meet your future with HÜNGSBERG, the pioneer of EDI

Our customers and their EDI and CAD projects are the ultimate testament to our competence and innovative expertise. Our current case studies offer a glimpse into the successes of these customer projects. They highlight the challenges, tasks, objectives, solutions, and advantages of each project.

Please find below a selection of references and success stories from our satisfied clients:

Our success stories section also features inspiring accounts of successful projects from our customers across a range of industries.

You might discover valuable ideas for your own data exchange or even identify with one of the case studies, success stories, or customer projects presented. In this case, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of CAD and EDI experts.

Profound industry expertise in automated B2B communication

Since 1981, renowned customers from various industries have entrusted us with their process integration and optimisation. As a reliable and at the same time flexible partner, we help these companies automate, integrate, and design their processes adaptively with regard to constantly changing conditions. There has never been a more important time for your business success than today to efficiently integrate people, machines, processes, and data while also optimizing their interactions!

Our CAD and EDI solutions can be used across all industries and are modularly adaptable to your individual situation. We leverage our 40 years of expertise in EDI and CAD to provide specialised solutions with a focus on the following industries:


HÜNGSBERG offers a wide range of approved but flexible EDI and CAD solutions for clients in the automotive industry


HÜNGSBERG EDI software solutions for trading effortlessly connect dealers and suppliers


HÜNGSBERG EDI software solutions for transport & logistics ensure a smooth electronic data exchange across the entire supply-chain

Further Sectors

HÜNGSBERG software solutions for seamless electronic data exchange also increase efficiency in other industries – interested? Get in touch with us!

Do you have specific questions about your industry or IT scenario? Would you like to learn more about how HÜNGSBERG can help you with data automation, integration, and process optimization? Then feel free to contact us without obligation!

Clients of HÜNGSBERG GmbH

Here you will find a list of some of our customers from the automotive, logistics, retail and other industries:

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