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“Centralized receipt of engineering data with engDAX.PortalCompany”

“With the HÜNGSBERG solution we were able to map the process transparently for all users without making a high investment. The process is always identical – no matter if data is provided via OFTP or internally available for download. The extension is very easy and requires very little administrative intervention which makes this solution a very good tool.” (Statement of a user / decision maker: Mr. Marco Tetzner)

Customer profile

Kölle GmbH is a medium-sized metal processing company in Vaihingen/Enz (Stuttgart area) with approximately 130 employees.

For more than 80 years, Kölle has been active in the fields of tool making and stamping. Kölle manufactures high-quality tools and series-produced stamped parts for its customers in the automotive, aerospace and electrical industries. The company is also active in the areas of prototype production and special mechanical production.

Kölle’s range of products and services extends from stamping tools to complicated progressive dies with part and strip feeders all the way to complex forming tools.

Initial situation

Kölle GmbH has been a loyal customer of our CAD/CAM data exchange solutions since 2002. In 2010 Kölle switched to our data exchange server engDAX, because the old solution hadn’t supported the ENGDAT (Engineering Data Massage) standard, which became mandatory for most OEMs.


In 2012 Kölle approached us because they work together with many smaller engineering service providers, which they wanted to connect to the engDAX data exchange solution. The goal was to centralize the receipt of all engineering data. However, the service providers did not want to invest in their own RDT solution because of the low data exchange volume.

Solution and advantages

In order to achieve their goal of a centralised data exchange without the service providers needing to make any big investments, Kölle decided in favour of our module engDAX.PortalCompany.

With the module engDAX.PortalCompany the service providers can log on to the engDAX server of Kölle via their web browser and securely upload and download their CAD/CAM files via HTTPS. If desired, an ENGDAT message can be generated when uploading the files, which Kölle can then use to forward the data in a user-specific manner.

For Kölle, the uploaded data appears in the logbook like an externally sent order and is automatically processed accordingly.

On the transmission side, Kölle “sends” files to the service providers, which are then available for download. The service providers receive an e-mail notification and can then immediately download the data.

The mutual goals of Kölle and the service providers with regard to a centralized, cost-effective data exchange solution were thereby fully achieved.