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clearDAX is an on demand (SaaS) communication and conversion software, i.e. an EDI cloud solution, that is applicable across all industries. Our comfortable software solution takes over the translation of standardised business messages from a source format to a target format as well as the electronic data interchange (EDI) between you and your business partners. It is a way for you to outsource your EDI projects.

How does EDI outsourcing work with clearDAX?

Our clearDAX software enables electronic data exchange via an SaaS solution, i.e. the software is located on an external server provided by HÜNGSBERG with a certified data centre (outsourcing).

HÜNGSBERG takes care of all administration and monitoring activities, so that you and your business partners have more time to focus on your core business. Many companies already use and appreciate this service as well as the various other advantages offered by our EDI Cloud solution.

Who is best suited to use EDI Outsourcing with clearDAX?

The EDI capability of business partners has become an important criterion for supplier selection. As an on-demand, stable and reliable communication and conversion software, clearDAX actively supports you in supplier selection and supplier connection, thereby leaving you more time to focus on other important business activities.

Business partners and suppliers who want to connect with their respective clients can be connected almost immediately with the help of clearDAX, and all of this, without the need for internal EDI infrastructure or employee know-how. HÜNGSBERG supports you from the first moment on as a competent and reliable partner to fulfil all necessary EDI standards, requirements or guidelines and to carry out the EDI connection successfully.

clearDAX is therefore particularly suitable for a seamless initiation of EDI. However, even companies that already have an ample experience with EDI can generate further growth with clearDAX. But it is worth noting that if you want to build up more control or intervention possibilities in-house, we recommend you rather use HÜNGSBERG’s on premise ediDAX solution. Nevertheless, no matter what EDI software you choose, you can always rely on our proven and reliable EDI software solutions and our almost 40 years of EDI experience!

Advantages of EDI Outsourcing with clearDAX

With clearDAX you save both time and effort – but our EDI outsourcing solution offers you even more advantages.

New customers cite the following advantages as reasons for choosing the EDI cloud solution clearDAX:

  • clearDAX can be used across all industries
  • leaner IT via a secure and stable cloud solution
  • clearDAX is fully integrated into the customer’s ERP system despite being a cloud solution
  • ISO 27001 certified data centre
  • high application comfort

With clearDAX, EDI processes are seamlessly integrated into your ERP system – the ERP system is and remains the only working interface. The ISO 27001 certified data centre is also subject to BSI protection and thus to the world’s highest standard of IT security.

clearDAX is an extremely stable software solution that in itself already gives you a clear competitive advantage. However, our EDI cloud solution also offers further advantageous features:


  • Automatic real time data synchronisation
  • Stable and secure data transmission thanks to OFTP2 and AS2 protocol
  • No data loss due to data storage in data centre
  • No downtime and highest availability due to disaster recovery

Through monitoring by our EDI Cloud experts, manual errors and the probability of errors can also be reduced significantly. Parallel data storage in two data centres guarantees maximum data security and availability. Our support team carries out regular updates so that your software is always up to date with the latest technology. If you have any questions, our support experts are always available and happy to help.

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Einige unserer Kunden, die auf die EDI Cloudlösung clearDAX setzen und deren erhebliche Vorteile schätzen, sind:


Provex Industrie GmbH

EDI Outsourcing Process: How does the clearDAX software work?

clearDAX translates standardised business messages from a source format into a target format (e.g. VDA to SAP IDOC) and takes over the data exchange between you and your business partners. In addition to the electronic data exchange, the clearDAX software solution also handles the conversion of messages using translation tables (so-called mappings).

EDI outsourcing process with clearDAX between companies and your business partners.

Further information: EDI from the Cloud & Conversion

As part of EDI outsourcing, HÜNGSBERG assumes responsibility for administration and monitoring. In contrast to our on premise solution ediDAX, where the customer purchases the software, with our outsourcing service, our outsourcing service operates on a monthly fee basis for utilising the clearDAX platform. Nonetheless, the electronic data interchange (EDI) process resembles that of an on premise solution. Different message formats used by participating companies and partners are initially translated through converter tables. Subsequently, the translated messages are transmitted automatically, swiftly, and securely.

Download the clearDAX product data sheet now for more information on HÜNGSBERG’s EDI outsourcing software solution:

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