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The PortalCompany module for connecting external engineers – available for on premise and cloud solutions

Simple and fast integration of external engineers with


Typically, data communication with connected partners takes place via OFTP2, a secure transmission protocol specifically designed for exchanging design data. As design data represents the intellectual property of each company, ensuring secure transmission is of utmost importance. In this scenario, each company has its own OFTP2 communication solution in place or uses it as a service.

In what situations is the PortalCompany module from HÜNGSBERG beneficial?

There may also be smaller or transient communication partners who are not able to justify the investment in a dedicated OFTP2 solution. However, it is still crucial to securely incorporate these communication partners into the communication process.

The PortalCompany module is designed precisely for this scenario, applicable to both engDAX and teamDAX. It allows for a straightforward and fast integration of small external engineers into the secure and seamless data exchange (EDI) process. The data communication process behaves as if it were taking place via OFTP2, enabling the utilization of all functionalities such as ENGDAT, ENGPART, compression, and more.

With engDAX.PortalCompany module, engDAX and teamDAX can be expanded into data exchange portals. This facilitates a seamless integration of partners who do not have an OFTP system. Additionally, the fast internet connection accelerates the data exchange process. Furthermore, the use of an HTTPS web server ensures the necessary security. To further enhance security, certificates can be used for client or server authentication.

How exactly does the integration through PortalCompany work?

The external designers are granted access to the partner’s engDAX system or the partner’s teamDAX cloud account and log in to it. The data exchange occurs through a secure HTTPS upload and download process. The external designers only have access to the design data that is specifically shared with them. For the owner of the OFTP2 solution, the exchange of design data functions just like a regular OFTP2 transfer.

Benefits of the PortalCompany module at a glance:

  • Easy, seamless, and secure integration of external designers in just a few clicks
  • Streamlined data exchange for all types of connections within a unified system
  • Fast data exchange
  • Temporary or permanent integration of small designers without the need for their own OFTP2 solution
  • Compatible with other HÜNGSBERG optimization modules

If you have any inquiries regarding our HÜNGSBERG PortalCompany module, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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