OFTP2 Ready

With the HÜNGSBERG OFTP2 – all-around Service we greatly simplify your entry into OFTP2 communication

OFTP2 all-around Service:

Don’t trail behind – pick up the pace!

The OFTP2 transmission protocol was jointly developed by a working group of ODETTE (Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe) and HÜNGSBERG GmbH. To ensure compatibility with other providers, rigorous testing and certification were carried out for each OFTP2 software. HÜNGSBERG successfully completed the certification process within the prescribed timeframe.

All-around Service from HÜNGSBERG: OFTP2 Ready made easy

In order to facilitate HÜNGSBERG customers’ transition into OFTP2 communication, we have introduced the OFTP2-Ready service. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from certificate application to set up in the engDAX.

Setup in engDAX

  • Global configuration of the certificate in your DAXware solution for line or file encryption
  • Setting up an OFTP2 test connection to validate the network and DAXware solution configuration
  • Establishment of a communication relationship with the partner
  • Exchange of connection data and certificates with the partner and coordination of the OFTP2 security levels to be applied
  • Partner-specific configuration of certificates for encryption and signing in the DAXware solution
  • Testing and handover of the OFTP2 connection

Applying for the certificate

In order to use OFTP2, you need a certificate from a certificate provider recognized by ODETTE. As part of the OFTP2 project, ODETTE has established its own Certification Authority (CA). Due to the prominent importance of the ODETTE organization and ODETTE software, HÜNGSBERG exclusively uses these certificates.

Order your OFTP2 certificate renewal now!

1. Request the certificate renewal order form from our logistics department by contacting the following email address:

2. Complete the order form and send it
via Fax to: +49 811 9592399
or via E-Mail to:

3. Upon receipt of the order we will provide you with a written order confirmation.

Security levels of OFTP2 data communication

Further services from HÜNGSBERG:

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