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Unified technological strength for our customers

HÜNGSBERG Technology Partners

Strong Together

Our close and trusted partnerships with other technology partners foster the generation of innovative ideas, facilitate a continuous exchange of expertise, and drive targeted improvements in our products, services and processes, as well as those of our partner companies. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in enabling us to deliver innovative future-proof solutions to our customers for over 40 years!

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Our technology partners & memberships

Through our close collaboration with technology partners and active memberships in industry associations and clusters, our team consistently enhances its technological expertise. By pooling our collective knowledge and exchanging experiences, we gain valuable insights into emerging trends across different sectors. Leveraging the strength of our extensive partner network, we directly tackle challenges and deliver investment-proof long-term viable solutions for our customers.

Technology partners: Expansion of our mutual product portfolio

In our market segment and in a rapidly evolving world shaped by globalization and technology, strong partnerships are essential. At HÜNGSBERG, we have understood this from the beginning on. Over the course of decades we have built enduring relationships with robust, dependable, and highly professional partner companies.

Only the best for our customers – in line with our motto, we exclusively rely on reliable and experienced technology partners within our network.

Our technology partners

HÜNGSBERG and its experienced technology partners complement each other perfectly, creating synergies that are highly valued by our customers.
Our expertise is trusted by the following technology partner companies:

Become a HÜNGSBERG technology or sales partner

In a globalized and technology-driven world, strong partnerships are of paramount importance, particularly in the realm of EDI & CAD. At HÜNGSBERG, we understood this concept very early on and have, for decades, developed relationships with strong, dependable, and highly professional technology and sales partners.

As your partner HÜNGSBERG offers the following advantages:

  • HÜNGSBERG as a strong and experienced partner for addressing your EDI needs as well as those of your customers
  • Expansion and strengthening of your product portfolio with long-term viable industry leading solutions in the field of EDI & CAD
  • Joint synergies and exploration of new market segments
  • Participation in engaging industry events and collaborative initiatives

Our memberships

A strong network of memberships helps us stay at the forefront of the latest trends in the supply chain and EDI processes. This enables us to translate these insights into innovative products and services in a timely manner.