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Electronic Invoicing is becoming mandatory in 2025 – HÜNGSBERG is here to assist!

As of January 1st, 2025, electronic invoicing is to become a general requirement for B2B companies. However, recognizing the challenges and efforts related to this shift, legislators have introduced a temporary easing of regulations spanning from 2025 to 2027. Paper and PDF invoices remain permissible until the end of 2026, provided the recipient agrees to this form of invoice. Additionally, in 2027, the previous year’s turnover of the invoice issuer must not exceed 800,000 euros.

From 2028 onwards, all B2B companies must comply with electronic invoicing standards. Act promptly and align your business processes with electronic invoicing requirements together with HÜNGSBERG!

Electronic invoices serve as a digital catalyst for your supply chain

Electronic invoicing, known as E-invoicing, provides invoice details in a structured, machine-readable format, unlike traditional paper invoices or PDFs. This allows for secure, real-time electronic transmission and reception of invoices. Invoice issuers can utilize the XInvoice standard or the ZUGFeRD invoice format for E-invoice submissions. XRechnung relies on a structured XML dataset and is predominantly used in the public sector, while the ZUGFeRD invoice integrates a PDF document into a structured XML file. Various other E-invoice formats are generally compatible with meeting the aforementioned requirements.

Electronic invoicing represents a significant step in the digital transformation of businesses, offering an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to conventional billing methods.

Benefits of implementing E-invoicing

There are numerous compelling reasons for B2B companies to embrace electronic invoicing (E-invoicing). It is digital, secure, and eco-friendly, and also enhances the efficiency, transparency, and traceability of your invoicing procedures. This benefits both invoice issuers and recipients alike.

By adopting E-invoicing, B2B enterprises can, amongst other things, accomplish the following:

  • Streamline invoice management, reducing administrative overhead
  • Monitor the status of E-invoices in real time
  • Utilize time and resources more effectively
  • Enhance financial planning and cash flow management
  • Optimize business processes

Ensure a timely transition of your digital processes to E-invoicing with HÜNGSBERG as your electronic invoicing provider. We will save you time and resources and help you avoid any potential penalties following the mandatory introduction of electronic invoicing as of January 1st, 2025.

How Electronic Invoicing works

How does electronic invoicing work? The chart below depicts the process of e-invoicing compared to that of Paper and PDF invoices:

Which Industries Benefit from Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing offers benefits to companies across various industries. Whether in automotive, retail, logistics or the public sector, E-invoicing acts as a digital enabler, optimizing invoicing and business processes while enhancing resource efficiency in your organization.

Application Scenarios of Electronic Invoicing

There are three scenarios where electronic invoicing can provide meaningful and immediate value to your company. In each case, as your electronic invoicing service provider, we offer reliable, flexible, and future-proof EDI solutions to support you at every stage of the process.

Application Scenario 1: Traditional EDI – Sequential Electronic Invoicing

In this case, both partners exchanging electronic invoices operate with a conventional EDI system, allowing them to seamlessly process the E-invoice data directly within their ERP systems.

Field Scenario and HÜNGSBERG’s Solution:

lndustry Use Case: Automotive or Retail

A primary supplier forwards an electronic invoice from their ERP system directly to the OEM’s ERP


As a seasoned E-Invoice provider, we are fully prepared to offer swift and dependable assistance in this situation with our EDI solutions clearDAX or ediDAX !

Application Scenario 2: PDF after E-Invoice

One partner can only generate PDF invoices, yet they need to send an electronic invoice. This is achieved by converting the PDF file into an E-invoice file.

Field Scenario and HÜNGSBERG’s Solution:

lndustry Use Case: Automotive or Retail

A small supplier lacks an ERP system and an EDI solution, and can therefore only generate PDF invoices.


Our Saas EDI Cloud Solution clearDAX can seamlessly convert your invoice PDFs into electronic invoices – securely, quickly, and reliably!

Application Scenario 3: E-Invoice after PDF

Field Scenario and HÜNGSBERG’s Solution:

Industry Use Case: Automotive or Retail

A partner needs to receive electronic invoices from its supplier but lacks a system to process them. This can be accomplished by converting the electronic invoice file into a PDF.


webEDI Cloud communication solution webDAX generates your invoice in PDF format directly, flawlessly, and in real-time from the electronic invoice file.

What speaks for HÜNGSBERG as an E-Invoice Provider

With over 40 years of experience, we are known for delivering stable and customizable software solutions at fair, transparent prices. Moreover, our customers benefit from many more advantages through our trusted, collaborative partnership.

HÜNGSBERG is your reliable and efficient service provider in the field of electronic invoicing:

Well-established, and highly flexible EDI software solutions

HÜNGSBERG offers reliable and flexible EDI solutions tailored to client specific needs!

In-house software development and broad EDI service offering

We develop, monitor and optimise our software solutions in-house!

EDI and CAD industry expertise since 1981

For more than 40 years, HÜNGSBERG offers its clients a wide range of sophisticated solutions and services in the field of EDI and CAD / CAM.

Respectful partnerships

HÜNGSBERG emphasises mutual respect and highly values the professional and customer-centred relationships with our clients.

Kickstart your E-invoicing now with HÜNGSBERG

Do you maintain international trade relationships as a business, particularly in the B2B or B2G (Business-to-Government) sector?

If you’re seeking a reliable and swift implementation of electronic invoicing in your company, have inquiries, or require assistance with the implementation process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:


No matter what industry you are in -automotive, logistics or other branches- our EDI software solutions can reliably support your company in optimising business processes. We help implement digital transformation so you can save costs and boost efficiency, thereby increasing your competitive advantage!

HÜNGSBERG offers various EDI solutions ranging from EDI starter kits to EDI solutions for experts! Moreover, all of our software solutions are adapted to fit different industries. Our EDI solutions always take into account special business or market characteristics and are customized to match specific customer requirements.

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