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EDIfacilities s.à.r.l

EDIfacilities s.à.r.l is a Luxembourg-based provider of its own IntelliEDI solution, with which HÜNGSBERG GmbH has been cooperating since 2003. EDIfacilities integrates the OFTP communication solution developed by HÜNGSBERG into its product.

The EDI service provider has specialised in the connection to the ERP system Timeline® of Gebauer GmbH from Solingen. The customers are mainly international automotive suppliers with series production, with a focus on the areas of plastics technology, metal processing and pressure die-casting. EDIfacilities s.à.r.l has been a member of the Timeline Business Solutions Group since 2017.

Contact Information

Mr. Hermann Seip

1, Rue St. Willibrord
5404 Bech-Kleinmacher