Mission, Vision, Values

We consistently uphold our mission, vision, and values as guiding principles for our actions

HÜNGSBERG – Our Mission, Vision & Values

HÜNGSBERG GmbH is a pioneer in the field of electronic data interchange (EDI) for business and engineering data. In everything we do, think, and strive for, we always align ourselves with our mission, vision, and values. Since our establishment in 1981, we have never settled for the potential of today’s technologies. That drive has been our key motivation and guarantee of success.

Our Mission

We at HÜNGSBERG GmbH aim to EDIfy your mind about how to CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS. In other words, we find solutions for your various requirements and challenges, resolving them before they arise. We implement complex processes to deliver real value!

This brings joy and satisfaction to both our clients and us!

Our Vision

Our vision is to further establish our EDI expertise in the market, both by strengthening our industry-specific knowledge and by expanding into other sectors. With our powerful and flexible HÜNGSBERG DAXware solutions, we are already able to significantly enhance supply chain efficiency through automated communication and data transmission in the EDI & CAD field. This capability allows us to provide tangible value to our SME customers by facilitating EDI integration all the way from OEMs to the smallest suppliers.

We have full confidence in our capacity to continuously enhance and reinforce this potential through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our company values

HÜNGSBERG relies on collectively shared values that form the foundation of our success as a company.

The following values guide our thinking and actions, both as an employer and as a business partner.

  • Fairness

At HÜNGSBERG, we foster a culture of respect and fairness in our interactions, both within our team as well as with our customers, suppliers, and all other individuals or institutions.

We strongly believe that open and honest communication not only enhances our performance at HÜNGSBERG but also fosters cooperative collaboration in all our partnerships.

  • Reliability

We are a reliable partner in all areas of electronic data communication, specializing in EDI and CAD messaging. We provide services that allow our customers and business partners to make fast and uncomplicated adjustments or expansions to their solutions, ensuring they quickly become “EDI-ready” again without compromising any underlying critical processes.

  • Innovation

We integrate state-of-the art EDI and security features that meet market requirements, further driving and optimising the field of EDI. Our technical memberships, such as Catena-X, enable us to build knowledge and thereby bring innovative and future-proof EDI solutions to the market.

  • Engagement

We work with enthusiasm and are highly committed to providing our customers and business partners with “quick” solutions. We strive to give our best and deliver corresponding services. In our view, close collaboration with our customers and business partners is key to the success and mutual development of both parties.

  • Responsability

We are committed to sustainable practices! We take responsibility for our actions and their impact on our environment. Each member of our team carries responsibility for their respective area of work and thereby the success of our company!

HÜNGBSERG stands for Technology plus Added Value

At HÜNGSBERG, we are dedicated to identifying and analyzing the industry’s evolving needs and requirements for the medium and long-term future. Our aim is to transform these insights into dependable and professional product offerings, thereby creating forward-thinking solutions for the market.

Inspiring our customers with exceptional service

Nowadays, a crucial competitive advantage lies in the realm of additional services. We recognized this early on and transformed it into solutions. Therefore, HÜNGSBERG offers an extensive and high-quality package consisting of responsive service offerings and professional, tailored consulting services. In this way, HÜNGSBERG distinguishes itself significantly from the competition.

Do you have any questions about our vision, mission, or company values? We look forward to hearing from you!