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Our expertise in retail and its sector-specific EDI processes have broadened our product and service offerings and strengthened our market presence. We would be delighted to assist you as well!

Your partner for EDI and digitalization in the retail sector:


For over a decade, we have been developing reliable and powerful solutions for electronic data and document exchange for retailers. Thanks to the versatile HÜNGSBERG solutions, retailers and suppliers are optimally connected with one another.

In this way, we help our customers, their suppliers and partners to automate business-critical processes while minimizing costs and errors.

Why chose our solutions in retail?

As an experienced EDI provider, we understand the challenges, objectives and needs of the retail trade. Therefore, we provide our customers with reliable and tested EDI software solutions to digitize and optimize processes and to bolster their competitiveness. At the same time, our solutions are versatile and designed in a modular fashion in order to accommodate individual needs and react adequately to any particular conditions and circumstances.

HÜNGSBERG stands out among providers in the market, with its own in-house development and German-speaking support team. If required, don’t hesitate to contact our English-speaking in-house support team at our site in Hallbergmoos.

This enables our team to serve as a dependable partner for data automation, data integration and data optimization, helping you to significantly improve the efficiency of your supply chain in retail through automated processes, data and document exchange!

From consulting to planning to implementation, we are by your side and provide comprehensive backing with our extensive range of first-class service offerings.

Count on HÜNGSBERG as a reliable, strong and proven partner in the retail trade!

HÜNGSBERG has been enhancing your competitiveness in the retail trade since 2012

Retailers were among the first industries to leverage EDI in their business processes in order to stay competitive and meet market demand swiftly. For instance, paper-based processes have been replaced with electronic data and document exchange e.g. to archive or transmit invoice data.
HÜNGSBERG is your designated partner for retail trade thanks to its modern DAXware products.

Our portfolio comprises various solutions, which can be customized to your situation and thereby grant you a competitive edge in commerce! HÜNGSBERG – WE CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS!

Why HÜNGSBERG is the perfect EDI provider to meet your needs

Well-established, and highly flexible EDI software solutions

HÜNGSBERG offers reliable and flexible EDI solutions tailored to client specific needs!

In-House Software Development and broad EDI Services

We develop, monitor and optimize our software solutions in-house!

Industry Expertise since 1981

Since over 40 years, HÜNGSBERG offers its clients a wide range of sophisticated solutions and services in the field of EDI and CAD / CAM.

Respectful partnerships

HÜNGSBERG emphasises mutual respect and highly values the professional and customer-centred relationships with its clients.

Our EDI-solutions for the retail trade

We offer the following versatile and customisable EDI solutions for the retail sector:

If you are looking to become more competitive, reduce long-term costs, and streamline your delivery process. Learn more

If you wish to use EDI without developing your own infrastructure or just for short-term, project-specific needs. Learn more

If you need to exchange EDI data through a web portal with all partners, as you may not have an ERP system or are in the process of implementing one. Learn more

HÜNGSBERG: Proven industry expertise in retailing

For over a decade, renowned customers from the retail industry have entrusted us with their process integration and optimisation. This is because HÜNGSBERG’s versatile solutions do an excellent job of connecting retailers with suppliers. Common transmission paths in retailing such as AS2, X.400 and the various industry-specific EDIFACT -formats are supported by our EDI-solutions as default.

Clients of HÜNGSBERG GmbH from the retail sector

Here you will find a list of some of our customers from the retail trade industry:

Learn more about how HÜNGSBERG GmbH helped other customers from the retail industry reach their goals. Feel free to contact us now.
We will be happy to inform you how you can also benefit from our software solutions.

Let us TRADE together!

Do you have any questions about your business or are you uncertain of how HÜNGSBERG can help you with data automation, integration, and process optimization in retail? Do not hesitate to contact us now, no strings attached! Efficiently integrating and optimizing processes, people, machines, and data is vital to achieving business success and has never played a larger role than it does today.

Overview: HÜNGSBERG solutions for other sectors and industries

For the past 10+ years, we have been a trusted source to assist retailers with digitalization, integration, and process optimization. However, our solutions are not limited to the retail industry, but are also proven to be effective across many other industries, including:


HÜNGSBERG offers a wide range of approved but flexible EDI and CAD solutions for clients in the automotive industry.


HÜNGSBERG EDI software solutions for transport & logistics ensure a smooth electronic data exchange across the entire supply-chain.

Further Sectors

HÜNGSBERG software solutions for smooth electronic data exchange also increase efficiency in other industries – interested? Get in touch with us!