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ediDAX is an on premise EDI software solution that can be used in any industry. The main functions of HÜNGSBERG’s EDI for ERP software are the conversion using mapping tables and the transmission of EDI messages, as well . The software solution has a modular structure and is therefore scalable in both functionally and in terms of price. ediDAX is an in-house EDI solution which is installed on the customer’s computer and is therefore – in contrast to our managed EDI solution clearDAX – supported and maintained by the customer.

Its universal structure combined with the fact that it uses generally valid EDI formats make ediDAX the ideal software for suppliers (first tier, second tier) who want to connect to a wide range of ERP systems!

With one single solution you can fulfil all the EDI requirements of your business partners!

An overview of the most important advantages for ediDAX customers:

The EDI on premise solution ediDAX boasts the following key advantages:

  • Reliability and stability of our software solution
    The customer’s supply chain is secured – messages are transmitted correctly, on time and in the right order. In case of interruptions in the supply chain, the customer is informed immediately, thereby avoiding penalties.
  • Highest flexibility through its modular design and our in-house development department
    Our EDI for ERP software has a modular structure and can thus be extended in a gradual manner. Individual adjustments or customer requirements are promptly implemented by HÜNGSBERG’s developers.
  • Financial transparency and fairness thanks to the modular structure of our software
    The modular structure of ediDAX means that you only have to buy what you really need for your daily business!

What other advantages does ediDAX have to offer?

The EDI for ERP system solution ediDAX offers companies numerous advantages. First and foremost the fact that ediDAX is a very stable software that also supports the secure transmission of data through the OFTP2 and the AS2 protocol already constitutes a significant advantage in contrast to many products of our competitors.

Other perks that arise from using our ediDAX EDI for ERP software include:

  • You work exclusively in your own ERP system
  • ediDAX is the only solution you need to fulfil all the EDI requirements of your partners
  • You can implement the entire ordering, delivery and invoicing process via EDI

In addition, ediDAX customers also benefit from:

  • Modular structure for individual needs and various applications
  • Price transparency and easy scalability due to the modular software
  • Error prevention, time and resource savings due to elimination of error-prone manual entries

What long-standing customers have to say about ediDAX

The process optimization induced time and resource savings as well as the myriad of other benefits that ediDAX has to offer, significantly goes towards increasing the satisfaction of our ediDAX customers:

“With ediDAX, we have been able to improve and simplify our processes tremendously. Two of our employees can now devote themselves entirely to other tasks, as manual data entry in the ERP system is no longer necessary. We are very satisfied!”

Hubert Schwer, User/Decision Maker, Koller Formenbau GmbH

Who is the HÜNGSBERG ediDAX software made for?

The ediDAX solution is structured in a universal way and therefore suitable as an EDI solution for suppliers of any industry. First and second tier suppliers benefit particularly well from this stable and reliable software solution. ediDAX supports generally valid formats (e.g. EDIFACT) and common communication protocols such as FTP, AS2 or X.400.

Consequently, this software solution can be ideally used across all industries, which makes it particularly valuable for logistics companies, for instance. However, ediDAX is also interesting for other industries and applications. For example it is crucial for suppliers of the automotive industry because the EDI for ERP software solution supports the ODETTE and VDA standards, which are commonly used there.

The fact that all industrial, structured data formats and data exchange standards are supported make ediDAX the perfect software solution for suppliers of all industries (first or second tier) to connect to different ERP systems!

Application scenarios for ediDAX

This HÜNGSBERG EDI software solution is classically used to support ordering, delivery and payment processes. Clients include suppliers to the automotive industry that are in direct business with OEMs.

However, due to its modular design ediDAX generates a wide range of alternative uses, like:

  • Connection of own suppliers to the dispatch of call-off data (delivery call-off, JIT call-off, etc.)
  • Connection of own suppliers to the receipt of delivery notes and invoices
  • Printing solution for delivery papers and goods tags

References – ediDAX

Some customers that rely on the EDI cloud solution ediDAX and appreciate its considerable advantages:

Meleghy Automotive GmbH & Co. KG

Kölle GmbH

EDI-ERP connection for suppliers: How ediDAX works

With ediDAX, electronic data interchange (EDI) is carried out through an on premise solution. The software is installed directly on the customer’s server, so that the customer then manages and monitors the system independently. Corresponding converter tables are created that translate the different message formats of companies and partners. That way, the customer’s ERP system can communicate directly and seamlessly with the ERP systems of his business partners.

ediDAX is mainly used to enable the ordering, delivery and invoicing processes between two business partners. The EDI for ERP software is applicable to all industries, as ediDAX supports all common EDI formats and transmission standards. This makes ediDAX the perfect software for connecting to various ERP systems!

EDI software for suppliers in all industries: ediDAX – Your EDI solution for ERP software

More information about the EDI for ERP system software ediDAX

With ediDAX you can fulfil all the EDI requirements of your business partners with one single software solution. Read more about our EDI for ERP system software by downloading the ediDAX product data sheet:

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