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EDI solutions from HÜNGSBERG:

Ideal data exchange for freight forwarding and logistics

Communicate more effectively with EDI in the logistics industry

– the electronic transmission of orders, status messages, delivery notes and invoices between all relevant partners in the supply chain.

The challenge: The efficient, error-free and secure handling of consignment data between shippers, forwarders and consignees

Whether it’s a status message, delivery note or invoice – what applies to goods in transit also applies to the associated transport data: If it does not arrive properly and securely, it cannot be used effectively. Which is why many industries such as the transport and logistics sector, already require compliance with digital standards for communication processes with partners in the supply chain. Manufacturers, suppliers and buyers expect absolute transparency and access to all relevant data in real time and in the required format.

Our solution: Automatic message conversion and transmission

– with proven and reliable EDI applications for logistics companies of all sizes
Whether you are a small freight forwarder looking for a cost-effective entry-level EDI solution or a larger logistics company seeking to install a more comprehensive system – our flexible EDI application portfolio covers all your requirements.

You can choose between an application that is integrated into your ERP system – EDI On Premise – and an outsourcing variant that runs on external servers, such as the clearDAX hosting solution. In either case, you will get a highly professional and secure solution that facilitates seamless digital communication processes. HÜNGSBERG‘s smart EDI applications help you to avoid errors, speed up the exchange of data and enhance the visibility of every step in the supply chain.

Automatic is good
– when everything works automatically

Information security, data protection and reliability are the bedrock of any EDI system. Therefore, tried-and-tested, tailor-made software is a must. With over 40 years of experience as an EDI developer and system provider, HÜNGSBERG is a pioneer in the market for flexible, customisable EDI solutions. Many well-known customers from the automotive industry, where EDI systems have been standard for decades, have relied on our easy-to-use DAXware products since their introduction. Developed in-house by experienced experts, they meet all security standards, process all existing EDI message formats and use state-of-the-art internationally valid network protocols. These features are vital because your EDI system must speak the language of all the systems of your customers and partners. In addition, if needed, you will receive instant first-class support, so that you can profit from all the advantages of your HÜNGSBERG applications.


EDI and IoT: Some things run better on their own
Even when machines communicate exclusively with each other, EDI standards are used to ensure the compatibility of the exchanged messages. The merchandise management and ERP systems of all parties involved are connected to one another over a network where you, as the responsible logistics service provider, are also integrated into the communication cycle with your HÜNGSBERG EDI solution. This way, the flawless and secure exchange of data helps to make your logistics processes more efficient and to ensure a seamless process across all instances of the supply chain.

HÜNGSBERG’s products for the logistics industry

Customisable EDI software for all communication protocols

  • Ideally suited for companies whose processes must comply with electronic processes specified by customers and partners
  • Automated connection to your ERP system
  • Supports ODETTE, VDA, EDIFACT and other structured standards as well as OFTP2, AS2, X.400 or (S)FTP communication protocols
  • Fully automated processing of incoming and outgoing messages
  • Price based on performance: you only pay for the modules you actually need

Outsourced on-demand solution for converting business messages

  • All EDI formats possible
  • Ideal for freight forwarders who need messages with different EDI standards
  • Order and delivery data, receipts and invoices are generated in your ERP system and converted in our data centre

Advantages of EDI solutions from HÜNGSBERG

  • Quick and secure transmission and receipt of orders as well as delivery notes and invoices
  • Save time and increase transparency through standardisation and automation
  • Meet all applicable security standards
  • Solutions customized to company size and in-house system requirements
  • Compact EDI entry-level solutions
  • Easy connection of subcontractors
  • Intuitive software interfaces
  • Transparent, fair pricing
  • High level of consulting and problem-solving competence
  • Strong after-sales support in German – on site, online and on the phone

Further EDI products

Conditions change – we always have the right solution.