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webEDI Cloud Communication Solution


Our webEDI Cloud communication solution webDAX is a software made for connecting small suppliers and is suitable for all industries. Our convenient software solution is designed in a universal way and enables you to quickly connect non-EDI-capable suppliers or to fulfil customer EDI requirements as a supplier by connecting via EDI over a web browser (cloud EDI solution).

Use webDAX to communicate easily and efficiently with your business partners via the cloud in a secure, rapid and reliable manner!

How does webDAX work?

Our webDAX software allows micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to become EDI capable without needing anything other than a web browser. Other advantages of this software solution, such as conformity with generally accepted EDI standards and transmission protocols, make this EDI cloud solution a valuable part of daily operations for many companies and their business partners.

Who is best suited to use our webEDI solution webDAX?

webDAX is a cloud communication solution made with the intention to easily connect larger companies with small businesses and vice-versa. It was originally developed for the exchange of EDI data between companies in the retail and automotive sectors, but is also suitable for use in various other areas, such as the mechanical engineering industry.

Thanks to its universal structure and the use of the generally valid EDIFACT format for orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices, as well as the use of protocols such as AS2, X.400 and/or OFTP2 in the area of data transmission, webDAX meets the requirements of most industries.

EDI capability is a significant criterion for the selection of suppliers and business partners. As a stable and reliable cloud communication solution, webDAX is ideally suited to connect with small businesses.

Our webDAX is the perfect cloud communication solution for quick and easy supplier connection.

Deployment scenarios of webDAX

There are two scenarios in which the webEDI solution webDAX can be applied– one for customers and one for suppliers:

Customers want to connect with their suppliers

webDAX can be used as a portal solution by customers to connect with their small and medium-sized suppliers who do not have an EDI solution themselves. The portal solution can also be used in their own corporate identity (CI).

Suppliers want to connect with their customers

The supplier receives individual access to webDAX in order to meet the EDI requirements of just one or many customer/s without needing anything apart from a web browser.

Several advantages arise for both customers and suppliers.

webEDI with webDAX: Your advantages at a glance

Advantages for both customers and suppliers that result from using our webEDI software webDAX include:

For customers

  • Swift connection of non-EDI-capable suppliers
  • Process chain that can be individually adapted to every partner
  • Reduction of manual effort and thus lower costs
  • Operation of the portal in your own corporate identity

For suppliers

  • Fulfilment of your customer’s EDI requirements
  • Only prerequisite is a web browser
  • Low costs

webEDI solution webDAX: These are your advantages

The webEDI solution webDAX offers a modern, mobile responsive web interface, which is compatible with every current browser. In addition, webDAX is intuitive to use, so that even non-specialists – such as clerks or assistants – can easily use our webEDI solution. This means that even customers without their own ERP system or technical process knowledge are able to work with webDAX. Besides, an installation for the client is not necessary either with webDAX.

In addition, customisation, e.g. in the areas layout, CI or function, is possible at any time upon customer request.

With webDAX, package structures can be mapped – i.e. the customer can assemble his packaging materials (e.g. cartons, boxes) through a drag and drop function. Setting up (new) business partners is also quick and easy.

The EDI cloud solution webDAX is further advantageous in the following ways:

  • Considerable cost reduction
    webDAX reduces the manual effort needed and errors made in data entry and also promotes more cost-effective on-going operations.
  • Quickly become EDI capable
    All you need is a web browser.
  • No installation required
    The webDAX is a portal solution – no installation is required for a fast and uncomplicated start-up of the EDI cloud software.

webEDI from the Cloud: This is how supplier connection works with webDAX

webDAX is a portal solution in the cloud. Either a supplier connects to the ERP system of its client via the webEDI Portal or the client connects its suppliers to his ERP via the webEDI Portal. This way, even small suppliers who do not have an EDI solution themselves can become EDI-capable. All they need is a PC with a web browser.

webDAX can be used across all industries – however it was originally developed for retail so it supports the standards commonly accepted there. Its universal structure and the use of generally valid EDIFACT formats as well as protocols such as OFTP2 for data transmission allow it to be used for companies that are partially or fully involved in different industries. The cloud solution provides industry-compliant barcode labels that the supplier can simply download and print out himself.

Communicate easily and efficiently via the cloud – with webDAX:

webEDI process with the webDAX: connection of SMEs via web browser

Further information: webEDI Cloud Communication with webDAX

Download the webDAX product data sheet for more information about this software solution from HÜNGSBERG:

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