Vision & Mission

Technologies plus Added Values

HÜNGSBERG GmbH is a pioneer in the area of engineering data exchange. At no point will HÜNGSBERG be content with the potentials of current technologies. 

Future productive factors

It is our mission on the mid and long term to identify, to understand and to transform to product solutions the requirements and wishes of the branch, in order to create future-oriented solutions for the market.

Inspire our customers through service

We understand that nowadays most of all additional services provide a decisive competitive advantage. Therefore HÜNGSBERG offers additionally an extensive and high qualified package of services. That is why HÜNGSBERG stands remarkably out of the common competition.   

Our company values

HÜNGSBERG as an enterprise is based on commonly shared values. Our success is based on: 

- Fairness

- Reliability

- Innovation  

These values determine our thinking and acting daily – as innovator, employer and business partner.