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Neither ERP nor EDI - meet EDI requirements of customers and partners with little effort

What do you do if you have neither ERP nor EDI in-house, but need to exchange documents via EDI? Or you want to connect a supplier who does not have this?


Even if neither ERP nor EDI systems are available in-house, HÜNGSBERG can help with a professional, secure and, what's more, quickly operational EDI solution - and with relatively little effort:


ERP? – NO and



Neither an ERP nor an EDI system is available. Perhaps you use a customer-specific web portal for EDI and are now to introduce EDI with one or more of your customers or business partners.

You should support OFTP1/2, AS2, X.400, VAN or comply with transmission formats such as old VDA, EDIFACT, ODETTE, ANSI, global VDA messages, etc. You cannot currently provide the required transmission protocols and data formats.




HÜNGSBERG solution– EDI with webDAX

Depending on the process, you can receive orders or delivery schedules, JIT delivery schedules and generate delivery notes and invoices from them via webDAX.

You can manage the master data yourself for customers, customer-specific articles and packaging materials. Once maintained, the master data is always available to you.

We take care of the rest and provide the right data to the right partner!

Your advantage:

You fulfil the EDI requirements of your customers and partners with comparatively little effort and can even connect additional partners if required.

As soon as your EDI requirements have been successfully set up and tested, we take over the service and, if necessary, inform you - even by e-mail - when new data from your customer is available for you.

More information about webDAX:

webDAX - webEDI for fast connection of non-EDI capable suppliers.

The webDAX is a cloud communication solution (SaaS) for easy connection of and for small suppliers. With the webDAX an easy to implement EDI solution exists - this enables the fast and smooth connection of so far non-EDI capable companies, e.g. suppliers, as the entire functionality is made available to you by HÜNGSBERG via web browser.

Contact our consulting team at +49 (0) 811 9592-430 or by e-mail at sales(@)huengsberg.com to find out more!

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